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101 Catchy Garment Company Names

Whether it is cotton or satin, the garment industry is full of many styles and kinds of apparel that meet every occasion. These catchy garment company names are just some examples to suppliers that have created a standard for consumers and other businesses.

9B Apparel
Alpha Garment
Andy’s Dress Form
Anthony’s Lady Apparel
Apparel Branders
Apparel Production
Atlas Embroidery
AZ Garments Inc.
Bebe’s Fashion
Bell of California
Bespoke & Co.
Best Mart Clothing
Big Frog Custom
Braziltiful Compression Garments
BYOG – Build Your Own Garment
California Apparel Co.
Capellini Clothing Inc.
Caught in Customs
Clothes Mentor
Culture Studio
Dress Me Up
Earthbound Trading
Elegant Garments
Exist USA Apparel Distributors
Fashion Avenue
Fast Lane Clothing Company
Free People
Full Press Apparel
Fully Promoted
Garment Care Pros
Garment Center
Garment Conveyor Systems
Garment Gear
Garment Modern + Vintage
Garments to Go
Global Garments & Custom
Good Stuff Apparel
Gorman Uniform Service
Hit Master Graphics
Howland Business Garments
INKed Signs and Apparel
Iron Creative
Issues New York
Jack Silver Formal Wear
JB T-Shirt Printing
Kayra Imports
Legaci Clothing
Lilly’s Fashion
Loveleen the Garment People
Lulu-B Clothing
L-Y Garment Manufacturing
M&P Apparel
Meurice Garment Care
Monsta Clothing Co.
Nature USA
Newell Apparel
Only Garment Racks
Organic Apparel USA
Papaya Clothing
Paris Passion
Point Apparel
Pulla Bulla
Quality Garment
Quick Ink Tees
Regine Fashion
Relik Apparel
Salt Life
Sam Moon
Self Esteem Clothing
Sons Garment Co.
Stitch Art Embroidery
Studio Print
Sunrays Apparel Manufacturing
The Apparel Source
The Dress Doctor
The Garment Company
The Garment Group
Thick Women’s Fashion
Tiger Button Co.
Truly Anointed Attire
TSC Apparel
Tunaskin Aquatic Apparel
Uni Clean
Urban World T Shirts
Urth Apparel
US Garments
Valdor Apparel
Vogue Too
Way Out West
Weatherproof Garment
West Coast Garment
West Road Garment
White House Custom Apparel
Worldwide Sportswear
Z Wear Inc.

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