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100 Best Sales Questions to Ask a Prospect


It’s absolutely impossible to enjoy any real success in sales without understanding as much about your perfect prospect as you’re able to, but this is where the overwhelming majority of professional salespeople drop the ball 99% of the time.

The old adage used to be that “timid salespeople have skinny kids”, but today it would be much more appropriate to say that “uninformed salespeople have skinny kids”.

Ask yourself critical sales questions about to better understand the pain all of your prospects have so that you can craft better sales messages and you’ll never have to worry about that problem!

1) Reframe your perception.
Trying to tackle a sales problem from your perception – as the salesperson – is only going to lead you down the wrong roads, forcing you to ask the wrong questions and leading you to answers that look like they might be right on the surface but couldn’t be more far off in reality.

By reframing your perception and looking at the sales process (an idealized sales process) from the perspective of your prospect you are able to find all the holes in your sales argument and then can go to work patching them and increasing your conversions along the way.

2) You can’t solve a problem that isn’t painful.
It is next to impossible to sell prescriptive products and services, the kinds of products and services that promise protection in the future for issues that may or may not ever arise (at least from the prospects perspective).

This is why there aren’t all that many people that get really, really excited about shopping for car insurance!

But by really trying to probe your perfect prospect’s experience and find the issues that they themselves would describe as the most painful they are dealing with right now you are going to be old to create remedy solutions that provide them with the desperately needed relief they are looking for.

3) Always consider scarcity.
By asking your prospect questions about how long they have been dealing with this issue, how long they are willing to deal with it going forward, and whether or not they really believe a solution exists – and how happy they would be to take advantage of one if it was available – you are able to ratchet up the intensity of desire thanks to the psychological principles of scarcity.

This is a total game changer but when it comes to sales, and this principle alone can supercharge your success like nothing else.

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