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11 Compelling Web Design Industry Statistics

With an increased need to work from home and better home-based technologies being affordable and available to more markets, the web design industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Annualized growth within this industry for the last 5 years has been at 2.7% per year, culminating in a total global impact of $20 billion.

Interesting Web Design Industry Statistics

Over 260 million people are thought to be connected to the internet through a broadband connection.

Nearly one-third of all websites that are live at any given moment have used some form of the web design industry to create their presence. From User Experience to e-commerce solutions, the science behind how a website funnels traffic or encourages a sale is one of the most sought-after commodities in global business right now. More than 150,000 businesses exist in the United States alone.

3 Key Facts to Know Right Now

1. There are estimated to be 200 million active websites on the internet right now.
2. There are over 600 million host names that are in use at any given moment within this industry.
3. All internet usage rises throughout the day for each person, culminating in the highest amount of use after the end of a typical work day.

Takeaway: More traffic than ever is hitting the streets of the internet, making our world become more interconnected than ever before. The average person from the chair of their home office can begin a global business with just a few bucks and a broadband internet connection! This ability makes web design an extremely attractive industry and as internet sites continue to grow and as businesses need effectively designed intranet sites, the growth potential within this market is almost limitless.

Additional Essentials Facts About the Web Design Industry

1. 67.8% of websites still don’t use any form of a web content management system at all.
2. The most popular form of web content management is powered by WordPress.
3. The web design industry employs just over 200,000 workers around the world at any given time.
4. The average size of a business within this industry is less than 2 employees per business.
5. As smartphone use continues to increase, there will be an increased demand for mobile-ready websites designed by this industry.
6. The number of broadband connections to homes and businesses is expected to increase by over 17% annually over the next 5 years.
7. No single web design organization accounts for more than 5% of the total revenues generated by this industry annually.

Takeaway: Web design may just be the modern creative endeavor. Anyone with any technological expertise and a flair for being able to sell through an innovative design is going to find some sort of employment within this industry. As online sales continue to increase, more companies will continue to migrate to a stronger online presence and a weaker physical storefront presence, meaning that there will be many future opportunities to be had within this industry. With the average firm only having one or two employees, it is also the perfect time to start a venture for gainful employment right now.

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