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10 Ways to Get More Sales from Facebook


Facebook is a social media platform. Simply put, this means that Facebook is a place where people share information, keep in touch, and generally live their lives. Any business not wanting to get in on this through establishing a presence will miss out on a great deal of e-commerce.

Lets take a look at a fake small sized clothing brand to see various ways you can increase your sales through Facebook.

Images Are Key

With any company selling goods, images are key. The more images, the higher quality the images, and the more interesting the images, the greater chance that they will be shared by people over Facebook. The key with images is for them to be shared. It is the greatest median shared between Facebook by users, and can result in a great deal of interest for your product. In regards to our fake clothing brand, having photo shoots and even behind the scenes photos can help draw people in.

Emphasize Lifestyle

Facebook is about lifestyle. It is what defines our friend groups and can even define our interests. With your business, there will be a lifestyle that emerges from your customer reports. Target that lifestyle, host information regarding that lifestyle, and market to that lifestyle. By becoming a part of the group, you can increase sales and attention. For our small clothing manufacturer, this means knowing what niche they fall into, and advertising themselves as an extension of that.

Provide User Participation

The more user participation you have, the greater word will spread about your company. This can come in many shapes and sizes. For example, you can offer coupons or discounts for people who like you on Facebook. Less heavy handed participation can include coupons and deals that are made available through Facebook. A small clothing brand may even ask people to submit their photos of their outfits online, showing people the cool things that can be done by those who support the company. By combining this with emphasizing a lifestyle, the end result is a dedicated core.

Link to Other Social Media Platforms

As an additional note, consider linking to other social media platforms that may be useful for spreading word about your company. For example, having a link to a Pinterest regarding your project, or other social media site may help bring people cross platform. Regardless, good luck expanding your company and increasing your sales through Facebook.

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