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10 Tools for Making Viral Social Media Graphics


Social media is all about visual content. If something looks attractive, it has a chance to be shared. Here are the best tools that you can use to begin improving the quality of your graphics starting right now.

1) Canva
This tool can help you create everything from an invitation to an infographic. It works for most major social media platforms, is easy to use, and offers numerous pre-existing layouts with free backgrounds and elements.

2) GIFMaker.me
This tool allows you to upload pictures that you’d want to turn into a GIF. You get to customize the animation speed, the canvas size, and repetition. It requires no registration.

3) BeFunky
This tool allows you to improve the quality of your photographs with one click. It includes numerous filters, editing enhancements, and frames that improve the look of the image. You can even turn a series of photographs into a collage. The basic version doesn’t require a registration and is free.

4) Snappa
This is one of the more advanced tools that you can use without paying a lot. You select the image, add custom graphics and text, and backgrounds if you wish. You can create from scratch if you want too. There are an endless number of customization options available to you here.

5) Word Swag
This tool is a great option if you share inspirational quotes or sayings through social media. With nearly 600,000 backgrounds from which to choose and a variety of fonts to use, this affordable tool makes it easy to create customized images quickly.

6) Picovico
If you want to create a slideshow, consider this tool. You choose the style, add your images, and then add some music. The basic tool is free to use and you can create your first slideshow in just minutes.

7) Piktochart
For those who want an infographic on social media, this is the tool to choose. You select the template, then fill it in with your own charts, maps, and graphics. Customize your font, add icons, and you’re ready to go. You have several template options and numerous methods of customization available to you.

Attractive visuals on social media can be created at a low-cost, but still have a high degree of shareability. Use these tools to your advantage.

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