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10 Tips for Writing Great Blog Article Posts


Make Your Content Writing More Effective

It’s true that not everyone is the best writer that ever graced the planet. This doesn’t mean that what you write can’t have a powerful impact on someone. The problem many writers face is that they don’t take a look at the post-writing phase of the content they are about to post. They simply write the information up, click submit, and that’s the last thought they have of it. By using these tips, you’ll be able to create a friendly piece of content that people will want to read.

Use a Few More Paragraphs… But Not Too Many!

People are hesitant to tackle a large block of content to read. It seems imposing. On the other hand, when a new paragraph is started after every sentence, the content seems fragmented, unstructured, an invaluable. The happy medium is between these two extremes: paragraphs that are four or five sentences long are reader friendly and can help people transition from one subject to the next. If a block of text seems too long, split that block into two paragraphs.

Don’t Use Needless Words

One of the best challenges in writing content is to stop using the word “that.” Go ahead and check and piece of content, including this piece right here. The word “that” is a fill-in word which has become so overused, it is in virtually every sentence written today. Some other common words or phrases which are over-utilized are:

• However.
• In fact.
• Unfortunately.

Be clear and concise with your thoughts and you’ll be able to win a majority of your readers over to your opinion. Every word should contribute something to the content in some way.

Just Write the Way You Would Talk

Maybe the biggest problem that the average person faces when trying to tackle a piece of content is they try to be something that they are not in their written words. Good writing comes with a conversational tone to it, making it seem like the writer is physically talking to you in what you’re reading at any given moment. This means if you’re trying to write a piece of content and you’re struggling with the words, try talking about what you would say to someone. Chances are you’ll find the words to write.

Don’t Use SMS Text Language In Your Posts

The final error in writing which many of the younger generations face are word abbreviations that don’t make sense outside of an SMS text. Words like “ur” or “plz” or “LOL OMG” just don’t belong in a piece of marketing content – even content geared toward people in that generation. These abbreviations distract the reader from the subject of your content, and this ultimately results in a failure to convert.

How could you improve your writing today using these tips? Put them into practice for your next piece of content and see how much better your content can convert!

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