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10 Things Keeping You From a Good Night’s Sleep


We all need a good night of rest to have the energy for the next day. There are times when you can do everything right and still struggle with insomnia. If you’re finding it difficult to sleep at night, you might be making one of these mistakes.

1) Wearing the Wrong Clothes.
You must be comfortable to get to sleep fast and stay asleep longer. Try wearing silk to bed at night. This material keeps you warm when it is cold and cools you down when it is warm.

2) The Wrong Curtains.
Thick curtains can block light from the outside. It can reduce the impact of sounds that could wake you up as well. Try using a set of portable blackout blinds if you can’t change the curtains to improve your sleeping environment.

3) Clutter.
Seeing clutter adds stress to your life. Staying organized can help you sleep better. Try to get into the habit of putting one thing away every time you leave a room to reduce the amount of cleaning chores you’ll face each week.

4) Uncomfortable Bedding.
Although high thread count sheets can be expensive, they’ll also promote better sleep. Use bedding made from natural materials, such as cotton, to create a comfortable experience. If your sheets are soft and smooth, you’ll find it easier to sleep at night.

5) Too Much TV.
What you watch on TV has a direct impact on your dreams. People who watch the news frequently, for example, have the stressful incidents they see on the TV occur later in their dreams. Try to limit how much TV you watch right before bedtime. If you need sounds to fall asleep, opt for a video of a fireplace or other soothing sounds instead of a favorite show.

6) Too Much Exercise.
If you exercise late in the evening, you can stimulate your body and make it stay away. Your body likes to be cool to encourage sleep. Instead of a tough cardio workout, try practicing Yoga to unwind before bed if you prefer to be active.

7) Caffeine.
Caffeine has a half-life of 12 hours. Although some people can feel sleepy after consuming it, most people find it more difficult to fall asleep. Limit caffeine consumption after lunch for the best chance at falling asleep.

Not getting enough sleep creates a habit which leads to more insomnia. Break the cycle by avoiding mistakes like these and you might just start sleeping better.

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