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10 Terrific Time Management Tips


There are several takeaways that are important to remember from this infographic.

1) Get The Most Out Of Your Time.
This can only be accomplished by first understanding where your time goes. Keep a journal that accounts for everything you do for a week. Even the most trivial amount of time should be recorded. You will be very surprised to see where the hours go. Minutes count so keep track of them all for one week. After the week review where you are losing time. Do you spend too much time chatting with friends? Are you on social media mindlessly scrolling? Pay attention to your time wasters and cut them out.

2) Take 30 Minutes Each Morning to Plan Your Time.
When you are planning out your day be sure to plan time for interruptions and breaks based on the information you collected during the week that you kept track of every minute of every day. After reviewing the information you will likely see that there was a pattern of when you are most likely to be interrupted or when you most likely will take a break.

3) Use The Do Not Disturb Sign.
It is fine to tell people to leave you alone that you have work, of course not in those words but a simple “do not disturb” sign will send the message without you having to say a word. While you are at it shut off your social media notifications. Social media can be an incredible time sucker. You start out checking on someone’s post or update and before you know it 30 minutes has passed of you watching kittens and puppies doing strange things. Turn it off if you can.

4) Ignore Your Phone Ringing.
Just ignore your phone and realize that you do not have to respond to emails the minute they ping into your box. Just stay focused on the task at hand and ignore everything that is not relevant at the moment. The phone can wait and so can your emails.

5) Prepare Yourself for Each Task.
Before you write that email or pick up the phone take 5 minutes to think about what you want to get out of the call or the email. In other words prepare yourself to accomplish the task before you take on the task. It can help get your mind set in the right place instead of wasting time on chat and emails back and forth. Get to the point in your head before you ever make the call.

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