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10 Shocking Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics


Did you know that it is possible for carts that you start on websites to be tracked? It is important to note that the shopping carts that have been left behind can actually hold important information that can be used to increase the likelihood that online shoppers will continue with their purchases.

1) It Is Happening More Often
The thing that you need to know about cart abandonment, is that it is an epidemic that is becoming more and more common each year. Since this phenomenon has been tracked, it is only happening at a more rapid rate. If you go all the way back to 2010, it is easy to see that cart abandonment is up by about 15%. More and more online shoppers are putting items in carts, but not following through with the purchase. While some of this might just have to do with the fact that more people are shopping online than ever before, it is still true that the number of abandoned carts are at an all time high.

2) Travel
The shopping carts at travel sites are what is abandoned most frequently. People are going to these sites with ideas of booking travel plans, but fail to complete the final purchase and abandon their vacation. The rate of abandonment on travel is about 80% and retail it is about 70%.

3) Christmas Carts Are Not Abandoned
The time of year when carts are least likely to be abandoned is during Christmas. This is the time of year when carts are most likely to go through to final purchase and people are looking to buy the items that they are shopping for. The other days when carts are least likely to be abandoned is during the most popular online shopping days. This includes Back Friday and Cyber Monday.

4) Tuesday
If you want to know the day of the week when online shoppers are most likely to abandon there carts, it happens to be on Tuesday. This seems to be the day when people just can’t decide if they really want to make a purchase or not. The day of the week when online shoppers are least likely to leave their cart behind is on Saturday. Having the best sales on Saturday might not be necessary to draw in shoppers because they are already going through with purchases. It might be a good idea to have the best sales on Tuesdays.

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