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10 Most Profitable Media Companies in the World


The 10 Most Profitable Media Companies

If you like to be entertained via the television or you visit the cinema regularly, here are the top 10 companies that have been providing contents for our enjoyment.

The Walt Disney Company

This company sees a profit of $4.8 billion and a revenue of $40.89 billion. Its primary focus is Film and Television. Most of the profit comes from media networks. It is the largest conglomerate in the world with over 560 million viewers worldwide, ranking in over 51 billion in 19 days worldwide through its movie, The Avengers. In 2012, it experienced a 9% revenue increase.

Walt Disney has been blamed for the inclusion of subliminal messages and inappropriate contents in its movies. This has been condemned by religious organizations like the Catholic Church and the American Live League.


This rakes in a profit of $4.16 billion with a revenue of $55.84 billion. Its area of specialty is cable television, the internet, and telephone. Most of the profit comes from cable communication. In 2012, this company had an increase in revenue by 5.7%. In its subscriber database, it has 50.4 million subscribers.

Comcast was referred to as the “Worst Company in America in 2010” b y consumerist.com as a result of the cost of service and customer satisfaction ratings.


This company rakes in revenue of $28.97 billion and a profit of $2.89 billion. Its main focus is on television, moves, and journalism. Most of its profit comes from television entertainment and movies. Warner Bros Entertainment movie grossed in $4.7 billion at worldwide box office. With over 50 million monthly visitors, this company owns over 13 major American Channels including, CNN, HBO, and TBS. In 2012, there was a 7% increase in revenue.

In 2008, warner music group began blocking YouTube videos with any background music owned by WMG. This was after negotiation disputes.

News Corporation

With its primary focus being on television, publishing, and film, this cooperation realized $33.4 billion in revenue and $2.72 billion in profits. Its major profit revenue was cable ad film. It experienced a 16% increase in revenue in 2012. It is referred to as the third largest global entertainment group with an average of 1.9 billion viewers. News Corporation was in rocked by a phone hacking scandal in 2011 which resulted in the closing of its 168 year old newspaper, News World. It was also forced to withdrawal $12 billion deal for British sky broad casting newspaper.


Viacom has been able to generate a revenue of $14.9 billion and a profit of $1.23 billion. Its primary focus being on film and cable television, with major profit drivers from media network, recording a 3% revenue increase in 2012. Viacom has 160 channels including MTV, Nickelodeon, BET, and VH1.

Viacom sued YouTube in 2007 for $1 billion, claiming copyright infringements from user uploads. In 2012, the suit was thrown out of court.

Liberty Media

This organization has a revenue of $10.89 billion and a profit of $1.89 billion. The primary focus is television, sports, and digital radio. The major profits comes from movie service provider Starz, LLC. It recorded an increase of 4% in revenue in 2012. Liberty Media owns popular Starz with 20.1 million subscribers and Encore movie channel with 33.6 million subscribers. It has major stakes in SirnusXM and Barnes and Noble. There was a 4% increase in revenue in 2012. After pricing disputes in 2012, Starz withdrew over 1,000 films from Netflix streaming.


CBS has a revenue of $14.25 billion and a profit of $1.3 billion. Their primary focus is television and broadcasting. Most of the profits comes from cable and entertainment. With approximately 12 million viewers per week, CBS is the most watched television network in America. Out of 10 most watched shows in America, four are broadcasted on CBS. In 2012, there was an increase of 12% in revenue.

Over time, there has been lots of issues related to decency with respect to CBS Super Bowl halftime show. In 2004, Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction left to over 500,000 FCC complaints.

Clear Channel

With a revenue of $6.82 billion and $983.5 million it stands in the eighth position with a primary focus on advertising and radio. The major profit drivers are advertising and digital radio. Clear Channel has over 850 radio stations with 110 million weekly listeners and about 1 million advertising displays in 45 countries. Clear channel recorded a 6% increase in revenue in 2012. This channel has been accused of censoring political opinions on air.


Gannett has a revenue of $5.4 billion and a profit of $588.2 million. Primary area of interest is television and journalism. Most of the revenue comes from digital and television broadcasting. With 85 different newspapers and 7.2 million subscribers, it is the largest newspaper publishing by total daily circulation. One of its brands USA today has about 2.3 million subscriptions. Gannett recorded a 6.8% and 7.5% increase in revenue in 2012.

Gannett has been dragged to court on several occasions on issues bordering around discriminatory hiring practices by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The Washington Post Company

This is the last on the list with revenue of $4.7 billion advert profits of $278 million. With a primary focus on education and journalism, there are their major profit drivers along with television and broadcasting. Revenue increased by 13% in 2012. It is known for the Washington Post which is the fifth largest newspaper in America, ownership of Kaplan. This company is the largest diversified edcation company in the world with over 1 million students annually.

With controversies, Kaplan has been sued on several occasions for dishonest business practices which includes false advertisement to students on courses which did not exist. In 2011, it settled a lawsuit with the Department of Justice for $1.6 million.

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