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10 Most Annoying Habits of Work Colleagues and Co-Workers


10 Most Annoying Co-Workers Habits

Most of our time is spent at the workplace. So we are forced to socialize with people we are not really interested in socializing with. In the words of David Brent, “If you treat the people around you with love and respect, they will never guess that you are trying to get them sacked.”

Here are 10 of the most annoying habits of co-workers.

1. Shaky Workers
Shaky wonders avoid doing anything. Survey reveals that over 90% of the workers admit to a reduced level of productivity as a result of shaky works. Shaky workers cost the US government about $300 billion in the previous year.

2. Crazy Colleagues
There are colleagues that exhibit anger and temper tantrums in presence of other colleagues. This accounts for over 50% of staff’s resignation.

3. Office Gossip
This is the attitude of spreading gossip around the office. For firms located in the UK, office gossip costs over 8 billion pounds per year. When you spend time gossiping, you are not doing the job you were being paid for.

4. Grouchy Grumbler
This is being pessimistic, hence, killing the morale of everyone else. A study in 2003 revealed that work place depression causes the US government over $44 billion per year.

5. Raucous Ringer
This refers to those who shout on the phone and bang the keyboard as they type. This is most disturbing because on the average, a person talks about three times louder while on the phone and that can be likened to the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

6. Rootless Rover
This refers to those who take long coffee and smoking breaks. This habit costs the UK economy over $2 billion pounds per year.

7. Own Larynx Lover
These are people who speak excessively during meetings. This habit puts one at risk of having lower promotional prospects.

8. Noisy Neighbors
Those who constantly click their pen or splash drinks fall in this category. Office distraction cost businesses over $10 thousand per person per year.

9. Cursing Colleagues
When colleagues are foul mouthed, they run the risk of being ignored by up to 64% of their co-workers. Over 50% of participants in the survey said they are less likely to promote staffs who had the habit of swearing.

10. Germ Generators
These are workers who come to work ill. This costs the employers in the US about $250 billion annually.

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