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10 Inspiring Quotes from Famous Female Entrepreneurs


Women empowerment used to make for interesting debates over coffee and among the chattering intellectual classes living the high flying lives. History hasn’t been witness to many women leaders, particularly in the field of business and politics. However, that has been changing over the last three decades. From the influential Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor or Premier in other words, to the likes of Indra Nooyi who has been heading PepsiCo for quite some time now, many women have become true leaders and have outdone their male counterparts by miles.

Gender Comparison

But women empowerment is not about gender comparison. Trying to motivate women to do well in business and in any other field, to become leaders is not to pit them against men in the male dominated bastions or any other gender for that matter. It is about women finding their right place, a place that they desire to find, accomplishments that women aspire to achieve and the roles women wish to play in the scheme of larger things. That is precisely what the true women leaders have been living by. Through these 10 quotes from women leaders in the field of business, entrepreneurship and philanthropy as well as celibacy, as presented in the info-graphic, you can pick up quite a few important notes for life. If anything, these principled views and practical philosophies can help you to get the much needed impetus to succeed.

Overcoming Barriers

These quotes shared by some of the most successful women in recent times are not something that you are entirely unaware of but the fact that these women have lived through the challenges and have worked hard to live by their principles, to accomplish their visions and to lead the way for others make their realizations and imparting that much more relevant and significant.

Inspirational Leaders

It is hard enough for a woman to find the voice that she wants to live with and it is harder to make that voice heard and settle deep in the psyches of others. For the successful women whose quotes we share in the info-graphic, the challenges have not been simpler or any tad easier but they have had the conviction and the determination to see it through and to live their dreams in their own way. In a sense, these woman have been trendsetters and gatecrashers, but isn’t every person who changes the rules of the game?

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