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10 Great Powerpoint Presentation Skills for Presenters


Make Your PowerPoint Message Stick

Did you know that the average person will only retain about 10% of the information given in any PowerPoint presentation after just one week? Seeing things might mean believing things, but recalling the information of any given presentation after some time has passed is difficult for anyone to do. If you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation, the key to making it the best presentation ever is to keep your points short, meaningful, and related to your core message. If you can do that, then you’ll be able to hopefully make more of that information stick in the brains of people to whom you’re presenting.

Keep Your Points To Just Three

At most, people will remember up to seven key points that you make during your presentation. The more points that you attempt to make, however, means the less information per point that people will remember even within the next 24 hours. If you want to maximize the amount of information that people will retain, do your best to keep your presentation to just three clear and concise points. This will help people remember the major nuggets of information that you presented to them with a minimum amount of loss.

Relate Information In the Form of a Story

Why do we teach kids to sing the alphabet in the form of a song? Because it is one of the easiest ways to remember something that is important. Though you may not be able to compose a beautiful 10 minute symphony about the importance of your subject, you can relate personal stories in your presentation that can help to make a positive memory impact. Even the inflection and tone of your voice changes when you’re telling a story and that makes it easier for people to be excited about what you’ve got to say. That excitement translates into better memory retention.

Make Sure You’ve Got an Immediate Call to Action

One of the easiest ways to get something to stick into someone’s brain is to have them practice what you’ve just presented to them in a meaningful way. If you’re teaching interview techniques, for example, you might have the group go out into the local community and randomly interview a local business owner. Then each participant can come back to the group and talk about the practical components of what they learned. With an immediate call to action, you’ll certainly make an active impression that will help people better remember what you had to say.

What Changes Could You Make To Your Presentation Today?

A long, drawn out PowerPoint presentation might have a lot of incredible information to relay, but it will also create a bored group of people who won’t remember any of it. By taking these tips and incorporating them into your next presentation, you’ll be able to have a meaningful training or educational session that really will make an immediate impact on people’s lives.

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