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10 First Class Christmas and Holiday Email Marketing Tips


Top 10 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

The holidays are a pivotal time for all business owners. Even though the holidays are busy, all business owners know they need to make the most of this time. An email marketing campaign can really benefit your business. These top 10 holiday email marketing tips should help your holidays be merry by boosting your business.

1. Development of Approach

The first tip is to develop an approach that targets your audience. Think about whether your customers want the latest items that everyone must have. In this case, you will want to remind them in the email of what is hot and what is not. Additionally, you always want to include coupons and special offers in your email.

2. Create Festivities

The second tip is to make sure your email template is nice and festive. This may not seem like a big deal, but it really does make a difference for your customers. It is easy to just simply add a few holiday graphics.

3. Be Endearing

Third, always make your customers feel special. They need to feel as they are so special to your business that they are personally receiving the best deal. It is important to treat loyal customers especially well.

4. Holiday Spirit

Fourth, your home page should be particularly festive. Once again, this may not seem like a big deal but it really is. You want to keep in the holiday spirit at all times!

5. Get Social

Fifth, t is always important to be social in all of your email marketing campaigns. This means you will want to link up to all of your social media accounts. Pinterest is a proven way to gain more business. Don’t forget to post your campaign URL to all of your social media accounts!

6. Reengage

Sixth, never forget about inactive customers! Make your old customers feel special with a “We Miss You” campaign. This will really help to re-engage your customers.

7. Add a Personal Touch

Seventh, try to get personal by including your customers’ names as much as possible. Add personal touches whenever you can. For example, you can include photos of company parties.

8. Network and Grow

Eighth, always be working to grow your email lists. If you have a really appealing holiday themed sign up form on your web page, it can help attract customers. Building your contact list is very important.

9. Keep Track

Ninth, keep track of email marketing reports. Here you will find valuable information concerning your email subscribers. This will help you keep everything on track.

10. Say, “Thank You!”

Tenth, never forget to say thank you. When you take down your holiday clip art and decoration, it is a great idea to send thank you notes. Perhaps you can include a promotional code or discount coupon.

Just because the holidays can be hectic, this does not give you an excuse to neglect your customers. Always remember to make your customers feel special. Use personal touches and coupons whenever you can and regard the rest of these top 10 holiday email marketing tips.

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