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10 Common Bad Habits that Hurt Your Business Online

Bad Habits that Hurt You

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Business

There are many things to keep track of when running your online business. With so many variables that determine the success of your venture, it is all too easy to fall into bad business habits. Don’t let ignorance or indifference destroy your online business. Keep mistakes to a minimum, by avoiding the following business destroying habits.

1. Lack of Quality Content Updates

Always remember that content is king. All online businesses need to put the quality of their content above everything else. Whether you are operating an e-commerce store or a blog, you need the best products or articles. Marketing alone won’t save a company, if you can’t offer something of real value.

2. Duplicating Content

Avoid repetitive or duplicate content. You want to maintain your brand of uniqueness, and nothing will damage the integrity of your site like copied content. Both visitors and search engines don’t like to see unnecessarily repeated information.

3. Rambling Needlessly

On the internet, attention spans are low. You often have seconds or less to convince someone to stay on your site and maybe make a purchase. Don’t ramble on, get straight to the point.

4. Failing to Retain Customers

Make sure to adopt a customer focused strategy in all your dealings. Marketing will bring in new customers, but it is your customer service that will keep them happy and coming back for more.

5. Creating a False Impression

In most cases a sale is completed successfully because the customer trusts what they are being told. At all costs avoid exaggerating the benefits of your product or service. When closing a deal, make both the pros and cons clear. As they say, you should under promise and over deliver.

6. Losing Customer Trust

The only reason customers spend their time and money on your site and products because of the trust you have developed. Breaking that trust will permanently damage the loyalty they currently have.

7. Ignoring Negative Reputation

Social media sites are a double-edged sword. People can sing your praise or let the world know how you messed up. Ignore negative comments at your own peril. Manage your reputation effectively before you drown in negativity.

8. Not listening to the Market

Your business doesn’t exist in a bubble. Listen to what the public, your customers and competition are saying. Stay up to date with the latest trend by looking at customer feedback and statistics. No matter how much experience you have in your market, there is always something new that can be learnt to help you move forward.

9. Losing Focus

Procrastination is one of your biggest enemies. We surrounded by so many distractions it can be difficult to stay on target. Work on improving your focus so you can minimize the distractions, and maximize your work output.

10. Fearing Failure

As a business owner you already know that there are always risks involved in starting and running your own company. Never allow the fear of failure get in your way. Take a deep breath, and trust in your own abilities.

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