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10 Elements of a High Converting eCommerce Site


With the age of computers being affluent in the 21st century, it isn’t long before all of our transactions will be bound digitally. This means companies will be forced to adapt to online webpages and websites, as they may find more customers being interested in the better convenience which comes with the luxury of buying products within the comforts of your own home.

When you are trying to sell your products online to your customers, the schematics that go along with digital sales are different than traditional sales in some ways. If you are looking for better results from customer sales, then you should follow these three tips highlighting what to do when running an ecommerce website as outlined in this infographic.

1) Organize Your Webpage.
An organized webpage will not only make your products stand out more, and will allow easier access to web page and its functions. The checkout system will be easier, and the important links like about us and contact us will be more apparent and more accessible to the average customer. Not everyone that visits the internet is as familiar with websites as other traffickers, so it is important that your web page is as clear as possible when it comes time to sell your products.

2) More Trust=More Business.
By crediting your business by showing badges of honor by official seals like BBL and SSL, you are proving to your customer that your company is worth trusting. These badges show that you are a professional company, and that you take time out of your day to make sure every transaction is as smooth as possible.

3) Be Clear On Shipping.
For many customers, shipping costs make or break transactions. Nothing is more frustrating to customers than when they are about to complete checkout, and the shipping is either more than the product, or the shipping details aren’t revealed until the late stage of the transaction. By being clear and concise of your shipping rates, times, and types, you will be more defined to your customer, which also eliminates any confusion on either parties.

Using a page dedicated to FAQs or other message boards will help to answer common questions that are often asked of from your company, so you don’t have to continually answer complaint questions. By clearly listing your shipping conditions, you are clearly showing exactly how much your products cost, without hiding unnecessary fees that will only anger or frustrate your customer.

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