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10 Crucial Email Copywriting Tips


Email marketing is a must-have for businesses today, as it’s an inexpensive and effective way of reaching potential customers and of keeping regular customers coming back time and again. However, as with all forms of marketing, you must understand how to write effective email messages to your customers for them to actually increase your conversion rate. Consider ten quick but important tips.

1. Avoid the phrase “learn more.”

This is too vague and rarely gets email recipients to click on your link. Be specific about what they’ll learn or why they should visit.

2. Tell them what, why, how, and all other important info immediately.

Don’t make your customers dig through the email to understand its benefit, as they’re not likely to do that. In the first sentence, tell them the purpose of the message and how they’ll benefit.

3. Make it brief.

You typically have just a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention, so avoid making them scroll through an email to understand your message or its purpose.

4. Sell an offer, not just the product.

Directly selling a product through email is rarely successful, so sell your customer or client on an offer that leads to sales. This might be a seminar, a newsletter, or something else without seeming like a high-pressure sales pitch.

5. Stress the benefits.

Showing the features of your product is good, but your reader needs to understand how it benefits them. Will it help them lose weight or save money? Those are the things you need to stress in your email.

6. Call them to action.

Stress repeatedly what the reader should do. Just presenting your product or pitch isn’t enough; you need to outright tell your reader that they should sign up, buy now, etc.

7. Get to the point.

Take a few words to set up your pitch or offer, but keep it to those few words. Don’t tell your reader a story or drag out your email before getting to the point.

8. You, not we.

Use the word “you” rather than “we”, to make your email personal and help it to connect to your readers.

9. Present one message alone.

Don’t give your readers a list of things they should do or products they should consider. Each email should present one message alone.

10. Repeat your call to action.

Do this 2 or 3 times throughout your email so they have ample opportunity to respond, and so you know you’ve stressed the point adequately.

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