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10 Coolest Things to Do With a Smartphone


Scotty, Beam Me Up! What Are The Smartest Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

When Star Trek was created, back in 1968, cell phones were just hinted at. Smartphones were the thing of science fiction. Everyone was amazed at that Star Trek Communicator. But, alas, it was just science fiction! Someone actually recreated the Star Trek Communicator as a real cell phone in 2010.

Now, if you don’t have a smartphone, you are not a part of the “New Generation”!

The newest smartphones are simply amazing. They can do things that in 1968 even the Star Trek Communicator would have loved to do.

Here are some of those amazing advancements:
1. Anyone for a cup of Java? A new app can actually control your coffee maker and other electronic devices right in your own home.

2. Pictures, more pictures and Videos…Everyone today is a photographer and part time videographer. Nobody is safe anymore, since all of those “Smartphone cameras are everywhere. And the quality is rivaling very expensive professional cameras.

3. Is it cold outside? Now you can start your car from anywhere and enjoy a comfortable temperature inside your car, even if it’s below zero or above a 100 degrees. Simply call up your installed device in your car with your smartphone app and go, go, go!

4. Forget the old ruler. Your smartphones camera is now an intelligent measuring device. Instant information about the size and shape of your new home.

5. Speaking of measuring your home, now there are apps that allow you to visualize where to put that nice new sofa you just purchased. It will show you the best position for your new 80inch Flat Screen TV.

6. Remember the Star Trek communicator that can tell you what is physically wrong with you. Well, your smartphone, with new developments can now even check your heart rate and blood pressure simply with the touch on the screen of your finger.

7. How many times have you looked for that pesky remote that you just can’t find? Of course it’s here, but where??? Do you always have your smartphone with you? Of course you do, or you know exactly where it is. Now, you can control your new 80 inch Flat Screen right from your smartphone.

8. If you can turn on your coffee maker from anywhere, surely you can turn on your lights. Now, one manufacturer will even let you change the color and hue of your lights at home.

9. Ever needed to send your boss that important document, but you didn’t have access to a copier or scanner? Now, your smartphone can take a quick picture of your document, reduce it in size and send it via email to your boss and everyone is happy!

10. Now the most important development is the ability to unlock your smartphone and a world of possibilities is yours. A company called “UNLOCKTHATPHONE.com” easily gives you that ability. You can save money when you travel and even allow your smartphone to communicate with local cell phone companies anywhere in the world. Now we are getting closer to “DEEP SPACE NINE” all the time.

The future is yet to be seen, but you now have abilities that we only imagined back in 1968.

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