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10 Cool Weird Facts About Money

10 Weird Finance Facts is a revelation of sorts. If you are interested in money matters and like unravelling or exploring facts which can make heads turn and eyes swivel then this list of 10 facts will satiate you.

The below infographic provides interesting facts about money to include the beginning stages of bartering more than 4500 years ago.

Facts About Money

Did you know that Apple has as much money in cash and in investments as the GDP of Hungary? Apple has more cash and investments than the GDP of Vietnam and Iraq. The world’s most popular tech company is clearly in a different league and Apple fans would perhaps revel in this fact.

Many people think that the concept of banking didn’t develop until the post industrialization era but the truth is that the first bank in the world was founded in as early as 1472. And it wasn’t Britain or Spain or France that came up with the first bank but Italy. And it wasn’t Rome but Tuscany. Also, the bank operates even today.

Read the 10 Weird Finance Facts to know the name of the first bank and to discover many more interesting snippets. In a world where Starbucks has ventured into more countries than JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, there is definitely more interesting facts about finance than simply counting on profits and following the stock indices.

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