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10 Big Ways SEO has Changed Over the Past Decade


It seems like nothing ever stays the same for long and the same can be said about SEO. Search engine optimization or SEO has undergone a lot of changes in a relatively short period of time. What it started out as is not what it has transformed into. Not only have the techniques of SEO changed, but the internet has also changed as a result of SEO practices. It is time that you reflected on the biggest highlights of this infographic.

1) More People Online
One of the biggest changes that has taken place in the last decade are the amount of people that are online. The number of people that are online from even just 10 years ago has more than doubled. Back in 2005, there were just over a billion online users, but that has grown to about 3 billion in ten years. This shows that the internet is still growing at a rapid rate.The room for growth and more online users is not quite over yet.

2) Websites
Not only has the number of people online grown due to SEO, but the number of websites has also grown at an astronomical rate. A decade ago there were less than 70 million websites, but now there are over a billion. This also means that the number of pages that are indexed by Google has also risen. There was a time when only about 25 billion pages were indexed by Google, but now that has grown to about 47 billion pages. The amount of time that it takes for a site to load has only gotten faster even though there are more websites that exist. Ten years ago, it would take about 8 seconds for a website to load, but that has been knocked down to about 2 seconds. This means that the advent of SEO has brought about good change.

3) Searches
Where the biggest jump has been seen is in the number of Google searches that are made each day. There was a time back in 2005 when there were about 200 million searches per day, but this has grown to about 6 billion per day. This means that the number of searches being completed online is growing at an extremely rapid rate and people are relying on search engines and websites for information more than ever before.

All the trends show that the need for the internet is only growing.

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