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10 Best Viral Marketing Techniques


For many websites, content is a large part of their success. Whether the content is the sharing of a video or web article, they pride themselves on offering useful information. If you are wondering why your content is not as popular as it should be, or are just curious on how to make your web content go viral, here are four methods to ensure its success as outlined in the above infographic.

1) Post On The Right Day.
From emails to solicitations, many business depend on the day of the week for the probability of customer responses, and content is not different in this fact. In fact, the day of the week is very important when publishing your content, as it could be the difference between a hundred shares, and thousands of shares. You will find the best day of the week to be Tuesday, where Monday is the second best day, so both days are usually good for content publications.

2) Short And Sweet List Articles.
Articles that are marketed as “best of” or “top 50” are usually more shared than any other article. Make sure these lists are short though, no longer than 10, as the longer the list the shorter the shares. Make your lists short and sweet, and if you pick a pop culture topic you are more likely to find a wealth of shares.

3) Post Pictures.
All of your content articles should include at least one picture, as this not only grabs the audience’s attention, but it also makes your article easier to digest. Pictures make articles more interesting and easier to comprehend, and they can make nice visual aids, which can tremendously increase the chances of the article going viral.

4) Pick Happy And Cute Content.
While articles sometimes warrant sad or depressing topics, if you are looking for viral content, you should avoid such topics. Instead, focus on the happiness in the world by talking about happy topics or cute animals. Chances are if you list the cutest dog breeds or talk about tremendous comebacks in sports, these articles will be shared more often. Success stories are usually among the most highest of shared articles, so look to inspire your readers, instead of depressing them.

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