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10 Best Local On Page SEO Tips


Search engine optimization is a huge ballgame. There are tons of things to be done. The detailing is so complicated and vast that most business owners would get utterly perplexed. Instead of getting worked up with the complications of SEO and thus the challenges of internet marketing, it is necessary that you make things simple or at least have a perspective to look at the simpler things.

Do you really need to understand SEO or local SEO completely to truly utilize online marketing or to get a desirable rank on search engine result pages? The answer is no. The task of learning the nitty-gritty of SEO or local SEO is that of an internet marketer or search engine optimization expert. As a business owner, all you need to do is assess if you are doing the right things, investing your money in the right initiatives and if your strategies are paying off.

The On-Page Local SEO Checklist is not a confusing tale of what you should do and what you shouldn’t. It is a simple checklist which would allow you to know if you are using your website correctly, as is expected to get well placed in the local search engine results. In most cases, it is the simpler things that matter and make a difference. The complications tend to remain as such for most people and thus it is best to leave those for the experts.

In the info-graphic, you would come across some very simple realities, such as using the name of your business and city in the company logo. A company logo is usually an image or a graphic. It doesn’t have any text. Even if it involves some text, that too is converted into an image form. Images cannot be read for optimization. They can be scanned but since users would search with words, it is words that have to be accounted for. The company logo would be represented in that context by the image alt tag. You must include your company or business name and the city or region in this image alt tag. That gets documented when search engines record the details of your website. Simple checks or changes like these can help your local SEO.

Mentioning relevant contact details in the footer, using maps and optimizing every description on the site, using linking strategies and Google authorship are among the many ways you can improve your local SEO. Go through the on-page local SEO checklist and you would certainly stand to gain.

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