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10 Best College Entrepreneurship Programs


Are you the entrepreneurial type? If you have been considered a misfit, or a rebel, then it’s possible. Folks who were bullied or not taken seriously as kids tend to be driven to prove themselves and tend to avoid small talk since they dealt folks who were only nice when they wanted something. They have likely been fired from a job, not because of incompetence but because they found corporate policies petty and counterproductive and would prefer to grab the bull by the horns and improve everything that needs fixing without making excuses to wait.

Is College the Best Fit for You?

Maybe you think that college is a waste of time, since so many successful business people never went. But most successful business people did go to college, and so do most folks who you work with you, or perhaps for you, in the business world. Entrepreneurs can benefit from education just as much as those who will work for others, and business schools have taken heed of this for over 60 years, starting with the best business schools. A degree in entrepreneurial business is indeed big business.

The History of the MBA

Harvard University was the first school to offer and MBA in entrepreneurial, way back in 1947. NYU and Stanford soon followed suit, but the idea was still an oddball concept back then. About 100 schools had a program by 1975, but that number increased five-fold by 1986. Over 2,000 schools have an entrepreneurial business program today. The faculties of most top programs are all business entrepreneurs themselves.

Common Traits

Students who become entrepreneurs share a number of traits in common in addition being social misfits of one form or another. Most don’t come from money, in fact less than one percent of entrepreneurs in general come from backgrounds of wealth and a large percentage come from working-poor backgrounds by contrast. Most end up starting major companies before they are 40 years old.

Many have started but not graduated. It’s true that Bill Gates is a college drop-out, but for every Bill Gates living in a mansion, there are far more drop outs struggling to get by doing whatever job the corporate establishment has doled out to them. The degree won’t make you brilliant, but brilliance can be transformed with the education that comes from a degree

Picking an entrepreneurial business degree program is mostly common sense. You want your teachers to be entrepreneurs and you want a school where past graduates include those who’ve succeeded in doing what they set out to do-by being entrepreneurs

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