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10 Awesome Webinar Presentation Tips


Here is a brief summary of the key points to remember from this infographic…

1) Keep You Cool.
Before you get started, do not worry about all the things that could wrong. When and if things go wrong, do not worry about them. Just get started again. You can trip up, but just keep going. Just talk about things if technology fails you. The whole time, remember, you are the expert. You have the knowledge here, as you are giving the webinar or presentation. Showcase your expertise and be proud of it! The audience also loves it when you manage to keep on the happy and light side of things the whole presentation.

2) Get Organized.
The first point to remember here is to get organized in a variety of ways. Before you get started, have an agenda. Start your presentation by letting everyone in on the pathway for the presentation. Use this agenda as a path for all the things that you must touch upon. Then, be sure to touch on each of these points in a brief way. Test out your equipment and try out your presentation on someone else before you present to a larger audience. Think about how you will grab the audience’s attention and keep it. If possible, think about having someone help you to run the Q&A session of the webinar so you can actually answer questions.

3) Manage Your Time Wisely.
Always know just how long your presentation will take. Time yourself during practice. While actually presenting, be sure to watch the clock. Feel free to cut section short, if needed. You want your presentation to be informative, but also brief. Set aside time at the end of your presentation for not just a Q&A. You also want to have time so that you can give everyone a short summary of the information before you sign off. Do not linger after a presentation. Just giving them the helpful summary, then gracefully saying goodbye, is more than enough.

4) Remember The 10-20-30 Rule for Presentations.
Do your best to use just a few slides. About 10 is a great number. Keep your presentation length at right around 20 minutes as you practice. This means that you will have time to let people ask questions, and can also have time to recover from any sort of mistakes or technical difficulties. Or just if you find yourself going in another direction! When you put together slides, use large type font so everyone can read and see it.

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