How Many People Use WordPress: Statistics, Percentages, and Comparisons

How Many People Use WordPress: Statistics, Percentages, and Comparisons

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WordPress Success Timeline and Statistics

WordPress 2011
• Used by 20-25% of newly published websites.
• Used by 16% of existing websites.
• Used by 14.7% of the top million websites in the entire world.

WordPress 2012
• By March, WordPress was used on 72.4 million websites internationally.
• Became the most used and popular CMS.
• Used by 50% of all websites around the globe.


WordPress 3.3 Downloads
• More than 12 million downloads in April 2012.
• 26.9% of WordPress sites use 3.3.

Global Use
• WordPress gets more than 37 million global searches per month.
• United States – Used by 22 of every 100 new domains.
• United Kingdom – The 18th most popular website.
• Indonesia – The 8th most popular website.
• The average month will bring in over 352 million people to more than 2.5 million pages.
• The average week will contain over 225,000 theme switches from users.
• The average day will bring approximately 500,000 new posts.
• 32 million sites are active on the Multisite version of
• Over 826,000 YouTube videos were embedded in the first week of March 2012.
• WordPress now integrates social networking and multimedia publishing platforms, such as Flickr, Photobucket, Slideshare, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Vimeo.

Market Share

• WordPress – 53.8%
• Others – 30.3%
• Joomla! – 9.2%
• Drupal – 6.7%


• There are over 19,000 free plugins on WordPress.
• WordPress plugins altogether have been downloaded over 285 million times.

Google Analytics
• Allows you track your WordPress site.
• Provides a lot of information, like views per author and category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks, and page views.
• 3.01 million downloads in total.
• 3,000 downloads a day.

WordPress SEO
• Helps you improve our WordPress SEO.
• Aids you to write better content and have more optimization.
• 1.12 million downloads in total.
• 3,000 downloads a day.

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