10 Most Popular Healthy Food Brands on Facebook and Twitter


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This article looks at the top 10 health food brands operating on Twitter and Facebook.

Top 10 Twitter

1. Innocent with a score of 65 and 110,000 followers.
2. Choani Green Yogurt with a score of 57 and 52,000 followers.
3. Wheat Thins has a score of 48 and 63,000 followers.
4. Bar Clif has a score of 49 and 107,000 followers.
5. Udis has a score of 41 and about 47,000 followers.
6. Tropicana Pure Premium has a score of 38 and 29,000 followers.
7. Fresh and Easy has a score of 38 and 18,000 followers.
8. Fage has a score of 37 with 52,000 followers.
9. Vitamin Water has a score of 35 with 55,000 followers.
10. Stony Field has a score of 33 with 26,000 followers.

Top 10 Facebook

1. Innocent also retains the first spot on Facebook with a score of 37 and 318,000 fans.
2. Fage has a score of 36 and over a million fans.
3. Udis has a score of 34 and 978,000 fans.
4. Kettle has a score of 33 and 297,000 fans.
5. Vitamin Water has a 33 score and over 3 million fans.
6. Cocberry has a score of 32 and over 2 million fans.
7. Vitacoco has a score of 31 and 42,000 fans.
8. Birds Eye has a 31 score and 559,000 fans.
9. Morning Star has a 30 score and 183,000 fans.
10. Smart Balance has a score of 30 and 221,000 fans.

This study revealed that out of 8.9 million fans on Facebook for Health Pages, 24% are males while 76% are females.

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