Welfare Statistics by Race, State and Payment

Welfare Statistics by Race, State and Payment

There are approximately 12.8 million Americans on welfare, accounting for 4.1% of the US population. An estimated $131.9 billion is spent by the government on welfare each year.

Welfare Demographics

The following percentages are recipients of welfare based on race.

• White – 38.8%
• Black – 39.8%
• Hispanic – 15.7%
• Asian – 2.4%
• Other – 3.3%

Average Duration Spent on Welfare

The below percentages are based on the timeframe welfare recipients receive assistance.

• Less than 7 months – 19%
• 7-12 months – 15.2%
• 1-2 years – 19.3%
• 2-5 years – 26.9%
• Over 5 years – 19.6%

Additional Welfare Statistics

• The average welfare recipient receives $1,000 a month in benefits.
• 39 states pay more in welfare than an $8 per hour job.
• 6 states pay more in welfare than a $12 per hour job.
• 8 states pay more in welfare than the average salary of a US teacher.

Trends in Welfare

The following video outlines trends in welfare and the attach on rising rates of government dependent Americans.

States with Higher Welfare Recipients than Employed Population

The following listing of states has more residents that receive welfare versus an employed population.

1. California
2. New Mexico
3. Hawaii
4. Mississippi
5. Alabama
6. South Carolina
7. Illinois
8. Kentucky
9. Ohio
10. New York
11. Maine

Top States with Increasing Welfare

As cash assistance programs have been cut, the number of food stamp recipients has grown in all 50 states in the United States. The top 10 states with highest rate of change are listed below.

1. Idaho – 24.2%
2. Nevada – 22.4%
3. Indiana – 21.8%
4. Utah – 19.6%
5. Wisconsin – 19.1%
6. Maryland – 17.8%
7. Massachusetts – 17.5%
8. Georgia – 17.3%
9. Washington – 16.4%
10.Delaware – 14.9

US Food Stamp Statistics

The following infographic takes a look at the historical trends and raising rates of American food stamp recipients. A bar graph outlines the increasing spending on food stamps by the US government.

US Food Stamp Statistics

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