Brandon built his blog to over 1 million monthly visitors in less than 18 months, and he shares exactly how he did it in his podcast, The Blog Millionaire. The podcast is available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) on iTunes, and on Google Play and Stitcher for Android phones and devices. The links are below. You can also listen to it directly from our podcast player on this page.


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11 Powerful Copywriting Tips from the Experts

Most people hear the word copywriting and they immediately think of a skill that is only required for advertising. This is completely and utterly wrong. If you have a website, then you need to...

21 Personal Development Strategies that Produce Success

To have success as a blogger and in life, you have to take time to work on yourself. This includes your mind, body, family, and friends. The more developed these are, the easier it...

12 Best Ways to Get Ideas for Blog Posts

A blog only stays relevant when it can consistently post fresh content for people to consume. The only problem is that after blogging for some time, it can be difficult to develop good ideas...

15 Keys to Creating the Perfect Welcome Email

In case you are wondering why I am dedicating an entire episode to the email welcome message, then you should open your ears to this statistic. The welcome message has the highest open rate...

12 Vital Items to Include in a Blog’s Start Here Page

Most websites don’t have visitors walk through the front door. Instead of having a clear Start Here page, the site depends on search engines and social media links to bring visitors their way. This creates...

11 Strategies for Turning Old Blog Posts Into Top Performers

When you first started posting content, you had some awesome stuff that only generated a few unique visitors per month. Now that you're site is taking off, you'd like to turn those old posts...

12 Ways to Write Great Blog Posts in Short Time

You need to produce a lot of content. You don't have a lot of time to sit down to write that content. It's the problem many writers face today. The demands of life are...
Decrease Bounce Rate

25 Proven Ways to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Before we go into how to decrease your bounce rate, let us take a look at how Kiss Metrics defines bounce rate. So now that you know what it is, the big question is... What can you...

My Facebook Groups Growth Hack that Drives Ridiculous Revenue

A decade ago, there were niche forums that had tens of thousands of active users on just about anything you could think of. From BMWs to dog training, all you had to do was...

7 Ways to Organize Your Blog Content for Maximum Engagement

How you organize the content of your site can make or break your blog. It can be the difference between making some extra income and quitting your job to become a full-time blogger. The way...

The Perfect Blog Sidebar Formula

The demise of the sidebar has been overstated over the last couple of years. I have come across several big named bloggers asking the question of, "Is the sidebar even worth having anymore." Many of...

What Should My Email Open Rate Be?

45% Percent of Email Opens Happen in the First 4 Hours Hour 1: 24% Hour 2: 10% Hour 3:  6% Hour 4:  5%

The LinkedIn Growth Hack that Closes an Absurd Amount of B2B Sales

Before I blow you away with my LinkedIn growth hack, let me share two more incredible statistics to convey LinkedIn's dominance as the number one B2B social media channel. The top B2B marketing firms...

How to Get More LinkedIn Connections

For most businesses, their social media time is mostly spent acquiring Twitter and Instagram followers or posting ads on Facebook. This makes perfect sense if you are a B2C company like Starbucks. If you are...

Turning Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generating Machine

In the first quarter of 2016, the number of LinkedIn member pageviews was a staggering 45 billion. That is billion with a capital B. LinkedIn is a monster, and it is still growing. Just...

A 10x Content Repurposing Technique that Leverages the Power of YouTube

I have highlighted the most useful affiliate links with an *. In case you did not know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. More importantly though, it is approximately 1000 times...

4 Visual Embeds that Dramatically Improve Blog Post Engagement

People love visuals. That is why most of us spend more time with our smart phone than anything else. We carry it with us where ever we go. From the bathroom to the bedroom,...

Creating Infographics that Drive Backlinks

In a recent study, BuzzSumo looked at over 100 million articles and they identified that infographics are the most shared type of content. Compared to all other post types, infographics get 300% more social shares. Ten Rules...
10 Things to Avoid When Blogging

10 Things to Avoid When Blogging

I want to thank Jerry Low for coming up with this exceptional infographic, which was the inspiration for this podcast episode.

21 Tips for Irresistible Email Subject Lines that Drive Opens

With a return of $40 for every $1 invested, email marketing still has the highest ROI of any marketing medium. There is little doubt that we need to be spending as much time as...

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