50 Ways to Relax Your Mind and Body


Relaxation is a quintessential need. You need to relax every day. Many people think that they can keep on working every day relentlessly and would relax over the weekend. This is not a healthy approach. Ideally, humans should relax after a few hours of intense work, which could be physical or psychological or both. Also, many people think that relaxing is the luxury of the rich. You don’t need to spend a fortune to relax. Here are a few ways you can relax without spending money.

1) When you wake up every day, spend five minutes stretching your body.
You can do the most common stretching exercises, of the arms, legs and back. You can practice two-minute planks coupled with two-minute bridges. You can work on specific areas like the deltoid, hip flexors and pectoral muscles. Stretching will increase blood flow, reduce blood pressure, wake you up from the slumberous aftereffect of sleeping and you will also be relaxed.

Try to enjoy the morning sun. The more you stay in a dark room or shut out natural light, the more lethargic you would be. Have the coffee outdoors if you can. Do not run with your coffee, don’t eat on the go and do not skip breakfast. Spend some time every morning on your chores and breakfast, you will have a steady start to the day. If you don’t have enough time, develop a routine to wake up half an hour early.

2) At work, you should try and walk whenever you can.
Sitting for prolonged hours is stressful in its own way. Wash your face and hands at least twice at your office, perhaps once an hour before lunch and then once an hour after lunch or an hour before you leave office. Try to get away from too much caffeine. One morning cup of coffee is good enough. The rest can be tea. Don’t go for four or more cups of tea or coffee. Try to limit your caffeine intake to reduce stress and to facilitate relaxation.

3) Every evening, spend some time doing nothing, all by yourself.
Then do something that will facilitate relaxation. You can exercise or meditate. You can listen to music or play an instrument if you know. Read a book or you can even watch television. However, don’t indulge in television that will work you up. There are too many programs that are quite taxing on the mind. Try to look for easy paced stimulation of the mind to help it unwind, not something that will fuel your anxiety.

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