31 Hookah Bar Business Names

Hookah bars are the newest big thing in the night entertainment scene. Hookah is a type of tobacco that is flavored and smoked through large pipes. It’s a relaxing and fun experience for everyone, and a great atmosphere to hang out in. Along with being fun for the customers, it is also very fun for the owners of the business as well! Starting a hookah bar is a profitable business venture in today’s market. Here are some wonderful idea’s for names to use for your hookah bar!

Aladdin Cafe
Anatolia Hookah Cafe
Arabica Cafe
Fayrooz Hookah Lounge
Green Room
Haifa Turkish Hookah Bar
Hookah It
Hookah Kings
Horus Cafe
LAVA Hookah Lounge
Mazaj Hookah
Mirage Hookah
Oasis Hookah Lounge
Off The Hookah
Perk & Puff
Pharaoh Hookah
Puff Cafe
Pure Lounge
Shoreline Hookah
Sinbad Cafe
Smoke n Stuff
Tangerine Hookah Bar
Tarboosh Cafe
Texas Hookah
The Hookah Hookup
The Waterfall Lounge
Up In Smoke

This awesome video is the story of one upscale hookah lounge’s grand opening in the hot spot of Miami. It shows the great atmosphere and set up of a successful hookah bar.