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21 Sports Apparel Industry Sales Statistics and Trends

Sports Apparel Industry Statistics

The global sports apparel market is estimated to grow at a rate of 4% through 2019 as according to Forbes with a total value of $135 billion. The key players in this industry is Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok. The following statistics for the sports apparel industry offer a snapshot of market share and industry trends.

Sports Apparel Market Share

1. Nike’s apparel sales grew 12.3% during 2010-2013, a higher rate than other name brands.
2. Nike has a strong hold on North America and emerging markets.
3. Nike is a leadering player in the industry with growth in 2007 of 3.9% and increasing through 2012 at 4.9%.
4. Nike’s brand apparel account for 35% of its valuation of their stock.

Apparel Sales by Leading Companies
A listing of the leading players in the sports apparel industry and their revenue from 2012.

Adidas – $8.2 Billion
Nike – $6.3 Billion
Puma – $1.5 Billion
Under Armour – $1.38 Billion
Lululemon Athletica – $1.37 Billion
Asics – $470 Million

Market Growth

The sports apparel industry grew 4% on average worldwide. Individual continent growth percentages are listed below.

Americas – 4%
Europe – 1%
Middle East & Africa – 15%
Asia – 7%

Managing Risk with Outsourcing Apparel

A video discussing how to manage risks when outsourcing garment production to China.

Apparel Sales for Nike by Geographic
North America – 39%
Western Europe – 22%
Greater China – 14%
Emerging Markets – 13%
Central and Eastern Europe – 7%
Japan – 5%

Digital Media Influence on Apparel Industry

The following infographic looks at the impact digital devices have that influence buyer behaviors when shopping for apparel.

Digital Media Influnence on Apparel Purchases

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