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18 Great Seventeen Magazine Demographics

Seventeen Magazine has been an influential resource for young people over the course of the last two generations. A majority of its content is directed at teens and early-20’s women, but there are a certain number of men who read the magazine as well.

More than 3.9 million teens will read the next issue of Seventeen Magazine.

Magazines for Teens

As the demographics will show, it is primarily the 12-16 age demographic that has been targeted by this media resource. Despite this fact, an estimate 256,000 teen boys will read this magazine over the next 30 days as well.

  • The average age of a Seventeen Magazine reader: 16.4
  • The average household income of a teen girl who reads Seventeen Magazine regularly is over $68,000.
  • 1 out of 3 teen girls who reads Seventeen Magazine is a racial minority in the United States.
  • More Hispanic teen girls [635,000] read the magazine compared to African-American teen girls [437,000].
  • 1.9 million of the teen girls who read Seventeen are employed according to 2013 data.

Seventeen Magazine might be directed toward all teen girls, but the key demos end up being right in the middle class of the US. It is mostly Caucasian girls in homes that earn about $70k per year that read this media resource and many of them already have jobs. With the average age being 16, it is easy to see why the content is geared towards this specific age demographic. Despite the high turnover rates as girls age out of these key demos, incoming girls are attracted to the content and started reading it as well.

What Do Seventeen Readers Think About Themselves?

  • 81% of Seventeen’s readership say that they love to shop for clothes and other accessories.
  • The percentage of readers who say that they rely on magazines to keep up with the latest trends on style: 80%.
  • 3 out of 4 readers say that they like to create their own style based on what they read in Seventeen Magazine.
  • 3 out of 4 readers also say that music is a huge part of their life.
  • 72%. That’s the percentage of teen girls who will prefer to see a new movie at the movie theater within 2 weeks of its initial release.
  • Only 61% of teen girls who read Seventeen Magazine say they they frequently plan activities for their friends.

The goal of Seventeen Magazine is to give teen girls the chance to find their own style. Boys will look at the magazines not to read the content, but to look at the pictures. Teen girls typically consider themselves to be plugged into the rest of the world when they read this media resource and they feel like Seventeen Magazine helps them to keep up on current trends. It is this reputation that helps this magazine deal with the high turnover rates every year as girls age out of the key demographics that have been targeted.

What Are The Habits Of The Seventeen Reader?

  • 98%. That’s the percentage of Seventeen Magazine readers who say that they one day want to go to college or a university.
  • The percentage of teen girls who say that they want to have a successful career in the future at some point in time: 88%.
  • 86% of teen girls say that they are more likely to purchase a brand name product because it supports a specific cause that they care about.
  • 3 out of 4 readers of Seventeen Magazine have volunteered their time for a good cause in their community at least once in the last year.
  • 71% of readers say that finding a way to invest in their future right now is very important to them.
  • Only 55% of Seventeen readers say that they hate stereotypes and that everyone should just be their own person in some way.

Many of the readers of Seventeen Magazine want to go on and have an amazing future. They want a career that matters and they know that a higher level of education can help to make that happen. The modern reader of this magazine is also engaged with their community to the point that it influences their shopping habits. That’s why organizations like TOMS Shoes are finding success. When a consumer can purchase one item and know that they are donating a second item to someone in need in that simple act, it adds value to the transaction. That’s important to know because to the Seventeen reader, value is more important than even labels and stereotypes.

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