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14 Mobile App Marketing Tips for iPhone and Android

14 Mobile App Marketing Tips for iPhone and Android

Tips on Effective Mobile App Marketing

The smartphone market and use has brought about many opportunities to marketers and other persons that work online. Application developers have started to harvest heavily on the smartphone market, because smartphones use user developed apps to make life easier. Although all smartphones operate under three distinctive operating systems, the IOS, Windows phone and android, it is very easy for one to code an application and sell it to prospecting buyers. This has also seen many app developers create millions of apps that users can choose from, and to have your app bought or used by specific people, proper advertisement is required. You might have developed a crazy application that almost everyone would want ion his or her smartphone, but marketing could let you down. Here are a few tips on mobile app marketing for better and increased sales as well as usage.


Originality is the key to marketing a brand. As an app developer, you need to strategize on various ways of developing original apps and not copy cats; this means everything within the app should be your base idea. Through doing so, users and other people in the marketplace will recognize your apps from the novelty and creativity, as well as its originality. This means they will only use your apps and never use mirrors of the same. Developing apps from rip offs can be challenging and may dwindle the chances of making a sale from the apps.


App optimization is another key to effective marketing of an application, especially for new apps. You need to give the user a reason to purchase the app. Always remember that, there are thousands of similar apps like yours, but only proper app optimization will land the target audience into purchasing the applications you have posted in an app store. Meta descriptions and keyword descriptions of what the app can do is one way of app optimization for optimal sales.


Before launching an app, always make sure it is ready for the market. You can only do this through analyzing the competition out there, investigations and marketing of the same. Revenue generation from the app should be the last thing to consider, because you need first to win the crowds over into using your application. This can be done through writing short posts on the app, social media integration and other techniques to help market the app. Once you have done this, you can then launch the app and watch what happens next. It is after launching the application when you can now start thinking of various ways of enhancing and making it better with time as the market demands it.

Maintain and Update

Once the application is in the market place, you need to sustain it for as long as it takes. This means regular updating to fix any bugs that might be taking it down, as well as integrating new updates as time goes by. This will keep your customers and app users glued to it to see what new updates will be in place for them. By following these tips, it will be much easier for the app to market itself in the overcrowded market place, thus generate revenue for you.

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