States with the Highest Minimum Wage

States with the Highest Minimum Wage

Currently 18 states have minimum wages that are above the federal wage limit. 23 states have minimum wages that are equal to the federal limit of $7.25. A total of 4 states have minimum wages below the federal limit with 5 states holding no established state minimum wage.

10 States with Highest Minimum Wage

1. Washington – $9.19
2. Oregon – $8.95
3. Vermont – $8.60
4. Nevada – $8.25
5. Connecticut – $8.25
6. District of Columbia – $8.25
7. Illinois – $8.25
8. California – $8.00
9. Massachusetts – $8.00
10. Ohio – $7.85

Fighting to Raise the Federal Minimum Wage

A discussion on basic economic theory and the right to raise federal minimum wage to $15 a hour.

10 States with Lowest Minimum Wage

1. Alabama – No Minimum Wage
2. Louisiana – No Minimum Wage
3. South Carolina – No Minimum Wage
4. Mississippi – No Minimum Wage
5. Tennessee – No Minimum Wage
6. Wyoming – $5.15
7. Georgia – $5.15
8. Minnesota – $6.16
9. Arkansas – $6.25
10. 22 States tied at $7.25

The History of Minimum Wage Across the US

The federal minimum wage was established by the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938 and set at $0.25 a hour. Since then, various factors have influenced the slow rise of minimum wage standards to provide some form of basic living standards.

US Minimum Wage Statistics

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