5 Lead Magnet Tips that Increase Conversions


One of the main reasons that you offer valuable content on your site is to get a lead. This means that you offer content in exchange for lead info that you can use to convert into sales. The content that you are offering is known as a lead magnet. If you want to have a lead magnet that is successful, you need to know how to create one that is designed to work. This means that you need to learn all about lead magnets and how you can use them to your benefit. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Fill It Out
One of the most effective techniques that you can use to is to make sure that there is no navigation on the landing page. This means that you force visitors to fill out the form before they can gain access to the content that they want. This is one of the best ways that you can be sure that you get the lead content that you want most. Make sure that you ask for the contact information that matters most to you. This is the only way that your lead magnet will do the intended purpose.

2) Call to Action
It can also be a good idea to make sure that you have an expertly crafted call to action. This is the only way that you can be sure that you get the visitor to your site to do what you want them to do. You need to make sure that the call to action that you choose is designed to persuade them and is written in a way that gets them to do what you want. Not all call to actions work, but they do have the ability to make your lead magnet more impactful when used in tandem.

3) More Offers
One thing that you need to remember when you are looking to get leads is that you can never have to may offers. This means that you need to keep offering discounts and content that matters to your online users. This is the only way that you can be sure that you get the lead info that you want and that they keep coming back for more. No matter what the offers are exactly, you need to make sure that you keep them coming early and often to secure the leads that matter most to you.

Wave Accounting vs Quickbooks

Wave Accounting is a software system which makes it easy for SMBs to track expenses, send invoices, and manage their money wisely. It is designed to help any business of any size look professional, send estimates, and offer receipts to their customers in just seconds. Users can track their invoices and payments as well, allowing them to know when money should be available for use.

QuickBooks is one of the pioneers of the accounting software industry. Available through the browser or as a download, it is a low-cost solution that allows SMBs to internalize their accounting needs without the high costs of outsourcing. Inventory tracking, invoice creation, and other AR/AP needs can be quickly met. Self-employed workers can even track mileage.

Here are the key differences between Wave Accounting and QuickBooks to consider.

1. Cost

Wave Accounting is free. There are no set-up fees or hidden charges. There are no conditions or surprises to this plan. Additional services beyond expenses, estimates, invoices, and other documentation are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. Monthly payroll is provided for a $15 base fee, plus $4 per employee. Discounts are available to businesses with 10+ employees.

SMBs in Texas, Florida, California, and New York add full payroll tax service for an additional $10 per month.

Credit card processing is available through Wave Accounting as well at a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee. All cards are processed at this rate.

QuickBooks does not offer a free plan, but the self-employed plan begins at $5 per month. Additional services unlock at higher tiers, ranging from $10-$35 per month. Payroll is an additional $12-$40 per month, plus $5 per employee.

QuickBooks offers a pay-as-you-go credit card processing feature as well, but at variable rates. Swiped cards are 2.4% + $0.25, while invoiced transactions are 2.9% + $0.25. Keyed credit cards are 3.4% + $0.25.

2. Tools

Both Wave Accounting and QuickBooks provide consumers with automatic reports, instant collaboration, and SSL security. Smart dashboards are provided to make it easier to report information or file taxes. Users can connect banks accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts.

Both platforms put everything that is needed in one simple dashboard. This includes built-in invoicing tools, payroll if it is desired, and receipt scanning. Individual accounts can be tracked and users can see how much is outstanding and how overdue it may be.

Multi-currency support is also available, along with regional sales tax or VAT requirements.

3. Automation

Both platforms allow users to automate invoices and bill payments. Just select the credit card and the client that needs to be paid monthly and you can even set the specific date when that client will get paid. For customers that require a monthly invoice, you can follow the same process on both platforms.
Wave Accounting has just recently introduced this feature onto their platform, whereas QuickBooks has provided a refined process for this service since 2014.

Time zone controls, flags for items that need attention, and search filters make it easy to organize this data on both platforms.

Both platforms allow users to see a preview of their invoice or a final review of their payment before authorizing the automation.

4. Apps

Wave Accounting does not offer an app store for user customization. The accounting software service is a one-size-fits-all solution that allows everyone from a sole proprietor or a large organization to internalize their accounting needs.

QuickBooks offers users access to a complete app store that allows you to use your data and metrics in multiple ways. Many of the apps are free or low-cost solutions that allow you to automatically import sales data, combine emails and invoicing, or help you to create a complete point-of sale solution from your accounting platform. Apps from Bill.com, American Express, Fundbox, and many others are available for use.

Wave Accounting vs QuickBooks: Which Is Better?

Wave Accounting is an excellent option for start-ups, freelancers, and sole proprietors who need a formalized accounting solution at a low cost. Unless payroll is required, this service can be completely free and provide data access that is like what QuickBooks is able to provide.

QuickBooks is a solution that helps to provide businesses with a complete accounting picture for a low price. Although the plans are not free, there are added benefits, such as the ability of a freelancer to easily track their mileage.
Wave Accounting is always free except for credit card processing and payroll, while QuickBooks offers a 30-day free trial and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Both are worthy solutions to help SMBs find their bottom line and better profits. Match up the package that best works for your needs.

21 Sweet and Cute Friendship Messages

A friend is someone special that you have commonalities and companionship with. Outside of just family and spouses, friends can serve an important role in your social lives and increased happiness. To show your friend appreciation for what they so, the following selection of sweet and cute friendship messages will help to inspire your own personal sentiment.

A circle is round, it has no ends, that is how long I want to be your friend.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

A friend is sweet when its new….but it is sweeter when its TRUE! But u know what? Its sweetest when its you.

A friend is one of the best things you can be and the greatest things you can have.

A real friend is one that walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

A true friend is someone who never gets tried of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again.

A true friend is someone who is there for you when they would rather be somewhere else.

Everyone has a friend. but only few have a good friend like you!

Friends are like stars, they come and they go but the ones that stay are the ones that glow.

Friendship is a Rainbow between, Two hearts, sharing seven feelings: love, happiness, truth, faith, secret, trust, and sadness.

Friendship is sweet when it is new, sweeter when it is true, but sweetest when it is you.

Friendship is the comfort of knowing that even when you feel all alone, you are not.

If I could pull down the rainbow I would write your name with it and put it back in the sky to let everybody know how colorful my life is with a friend like you.

If you die before me, and you are at those pearly gates, ask if you can bring a friend.

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.

It takes half our life to find true friends and half of it keeping them. I am lucky to have spent less than half my life finding you and wish to spend the rest keeping you.

Last night I sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping but it came back early! So I asked it why? It said that angels don’t watch over other angels.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart.

Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart.

Strangers think I am quiet, my friends think I am outgoing, my best friends know that I am completely insane.

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

The below infographic provides a great selection of friendship and love quotes to share with those that remain the closest to you. These provide several dozen more sentiment ideas and messages you can share with others to relay your deepest thoughts and emotions.

Great Friendship Quotes

27 Inspirational Wedding Anniversary Messages

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a great time to show your spouse your appreciation, love, and care for them. It can also be an opportunity to rekindle your love and celebrate the years spent together through life’s ups and downs. Certain years such as your 10th, 25th, and 50th wedding anniversary may prove to be special events celebration grand accomplishments. No matter the length of your marriage, a series of special wedding anniversary messages are listed below to help inspire you with a personalized note in your card.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.

Age does increase each year, And so is your love for one another. Here is for another year of your undying love.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.

Hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together.

I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you everyday that I told you as high as the stars.

I’m wishing you to have a happy day And happy heart on your anniversary. Happy Anniversary for both of you.

In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.

It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

Marriage is that relation between man and women in which, the Independence is equal, the Dependence mutual and the Obligation reciprocal. Best wishes for Happy Wedding Anniversary.

May more years pass and still love each other more than yesterday. Happy anniversary to the most wonderful couple.

On this day I found my true love, True love that made me what I am True love that guided me when I need, Happy anniversary My sweetheart.

On this day I have met you You have changed my destiny Happy Anniversary Dear.

Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.

Real love stories never have endings.

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.

There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.

To the beautiful couple in all the land, may your anniversary be happy and grand, A very Happy Wedding Anniversary.

To the couple most beautiful in heart as well as in soul; May you achieve peace and happiness and meet your goals. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Wishing a perfect pair a perfectly happy day.

You are one of the most wonderful things That happened to my life I will always cherish and love you Happy Anniversary.

You are the best example Οf a perfect love Βeing happily married to each other. That’s truly Οne of a kind Best wishes fοr both of yοu Ηappy anniversary.

You have made me a better person by loving me for who I am. Thank you for being there for me always. Happy anniversary darling.

Yours is a story of an endless love, Made stronger by time. Happy anniversary.

Βest wishes to you Βoth on your Αnniversary, Μay the love that yοu share Last yοur lifetime through, Αs u make a wοnderful pair. Ηappy Wedding Αnniversary.

Ι’m wishing you Α marriage that is Less Αrgument, more Βonding Less nagging, Μore loving Less worry, Μore laughter Stay stronger and better Ηappy Αnniversary.

Tradition dictates that each year you celebrate your wedding anniversary, a particular gift should be given as a part of tradition. The first year is paper, making it the perfect time to gift personalized stationary of some sort. The second and third year is cotton and leather. As the years progress, traditional continues upwards to the 25th year silver anniversary onward. The below infographic provides some creative ideas to celebrating tradition with a modern twist.

Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gifts
The original infographic can be found at PersonalCreations.com.

43 Remarkable Thank You Messages for Friends

Men and women both hold their own meaning of friendship. Women are more confident in their friendships but no more satisfied then men. Men are more likely to acquire friendships with those that are career oriented and valuable to their personal advancement. Different regions throughout the United States have proven that the meaning of friendship can vary. Midwesterners are more likely to donate a kidney to a friend while Southerners are more likely to expect a kidney to be donated. Living environment and political views can always influence the bonding between friends. If you have a meaningful friend you want to give thanks to, the following thank you messages for friends are provided below to help inspire your own unique message.

A friend stands by your side when everyone else declines to do the same. Thank your friend for their unconditional support.

A true friend is the one who walks into your life when everyone else has left. Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone.

Friends like you come once in a lifetime, having friends like you is a blessing. Friends like you equal happiness, having friends like you help me understand life’s true meaning. Thank you.

How can I say thank you to a friend who understands the things I never say and never says anything I don’t understand.

I am glad that the love in our friendship is not dependent on mood swings and bad hair days. Thanks for being best friend ever.

I can never thank you enough for being such a wonderful and caring friend. Thank you so much for being with me in my joys and sorrows.

I couldn’t have achieved this without your support.

I don’t need anything because as long as I have a friend like you, I have everything. Thanks.

I fall short of words to thank you. I am very grateful to you.

I knew you were my best friend when you kept giving even when I had nothing to give in return. Thank you for everything.

I thank you for treating our friendship not just as a gift, but also as a responsibility.

I want to thank you for the all the good things you taught me. You are my best guide and an inspirer.

I want to thank you not just for being my friend but for being the mirror which hides my weaknesses and makes my strengths more visible.

I wanted to thank you but then I realized I don’t know where to begin. So, I just wanted to say that there are so many things I couldn’t have done without you.

I would rather thank you right now and today for being such an amazing friend, rather than regret not having said these words to you after life’s journey comes to an end. Thanks for everything.

If I could give our friendship a name, it would be Memories Unlimited. Thanks for giving me beautiful memories that I am going to cherish for a lifetime.

My friend… thanks for knowing exactly when to tell me what I want to hear when I want to hear it the most.

Thank you for the warm and lovely wishes.

Thank you for your kind gesture, I will never forget it throughout my life.

Thanks for being so kind and thanks for your love and care. I owe a lot to you.

Thanks for giving your helping hand when I needed it the most.

Thanks for lending your ears and listening to my rants. You are a true friend.

Thanks for never asking me to give you reasons, explanations or justifications when all I wanted you to give me was a patient ear and a warm hug.

Thanks for walking with me when I needed support, thanks for walking ahead me when I needed guidance and thanks for walking behind me when I needed someone to watch my back. Thank you my dear friend.

Thank you for fighting all of life’s battles by my side.

The more time I spent with you I realized what a wonderful person you are! I thank you for everything you have done for me.

There is no one with whom I can share my tears and fears, if you were not here. Thanks for being by my side and always giving me reasons to cheer.

Today I just wanted to tell you that your friendship is precious to me. Thanks for being my most invaluable friend.

We have done everything together since childhood. Today I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful friend and I look forward to sharing many more of life’s lovely moments with you.

When ever I am alone, you sneak in brilliantly. Thank you for making my life complete.

When ever I get into one of those tricky situations, you magically surface.

When it is just not possible to do it, you just do it and make it happen.

Whoever thinks that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, obviously has never had such a cool friend like you. Thank you for being my bestie.

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for you. Thank you all for your love and support.

Worries in my life are halved because I can share them with you. Happiness in my life is doubled because you never let me feel blue. Thanks.

You believed in me when even when I stopped believing in myself. I started believing in myself only because you believed in me. Thanks for everything my friend.

You have always been kind and generous to me. The thanks come from the bottom of my heart.

You have been the foundation of our friendship, my pillar of strength and the wall which shields me from every sorrow. If you were a house, I could live inside you.

You have taught me the ways of life, given me the strength to face its challenges.

You make happiness worth sharing and you make my dreams worth believing. Thanks for being by my side and making my life worth living.

You were always there for me when no one was. Accept my sincere thank you, because you mean a lot to me.

Your friendship is more precious than a million Facebook likes and thousands of retweets on twitter. Thanks to a friend whose friendship is not only more valuable thousands of online buddies on a social network – it is all that matters.

Your hug made me feel on top of the world, it lightened me in these tough times. Thank you for being around.

The below infographic provides some interesting facts about friendships throughout the United States. Rather you live in the urban or rural areas of the United States, you may find yourself more or less satisfied with your current state of friendships.

Friendship in America Statistics

21 Thinking of You Text Messages for Her

When you have a fleeting thought about a loved one, it becomes the perfect time to stop and send a brief text message letting them know you are thinking about them. The following samples are from other existing messages sent to your partner for the sake of just letting them know they are being thought about.

Dear, I have been thinking of you from yesterday calculating the food bills I spent on you. You really made a huge expense of my money and I would expect the same fro you someday.

For my special person, I send you beautiful gifts of love along with this text message. I have been thinking of you from the time we met and have been remembering the beautiful moments we spent together.

For the sweet girl, I have been thinking of you always and miss you and being with you I have earned many lovely and cherished moments of our relationship. You are a special and beautiful person of my life.

Good morning Sunshine! Longing to see you this day. The very first thing that gets in my mind is YOU! I just want to say I Love You.

Hi, I’m doing a survey …What’s your name? What’s your phone number? Are you free next Saturday?

I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes.

I may run out of messages to text you. I may run out of jokes, too. I may also run out of battery, but my heart won’t run out of space for you.

I super miss you today! Just wanna say “Thinking of you dear!”

I tried to stop thinking of you but you know what? My world feels nothing without you so I just start think about you again. See you later dear.

If flowers were dreams that would last forever, I would pick the most beautiful ones to send to you.

I’ll admit you’re on my mind more than just sometimes.

I’m on a mission to get over you, in other words mission impossible.

I’m wearing the smile that you gave me.

Let’s commit the perfect crime: I’ll steal your heart, and you steal mine.

Let’s make like fabric softener and snuggle.

Morning sleepyhead… hope you have a great day.

Send me a picture so I can tell Santa my wish list.

Serious issue: can’t stop thinking about u.

Thinking of you is one of my favorite things to do. Just sayin’.

When the night comes, look at the sky. If you see a falling star, don’t wonder why just make a wish. Trust me it will come true ’cause I did it and I found you.

You can fall from a mountain, you can fall from a tree, but the best way to fall is to fall in love with me.

The below infographic outlines the facts about verbal communication versus visual and how listening and memory is directly tied to either mode. The top quality of most employers is the ability for the employee to communicate clearly. They also admire hard work and ambition. Additional interesting facts are outlined below.

Science of Listening

12 Unique Ways to Write Faster


When it comes to blog posts, the thing that matters almost as much as quality is quantity. This means that the faster that you can write blog posts the better. There are more than a few tips that you can follow that will help to make you more productive. Now you can blog faster than ever before and be sure that you are giving online users the information that they are looking for. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Write Late
This might not seem like the best idea, but if you are looking to write blog posts that are most creative, you should try writing when you are tired. Studies actually show that you can write more creatively if you write late at night or at times when you are tired. This means that being well rested when you write your blog posts might not be the best approach for you to take.

2) Short Bursts
You also need to make sure that you only spend a small amount of time writing at once. This means that you should not plan one long writing session. You need to split up your writing sessions into short periods of time. This will ensure that you do not get distracted and that you have the ability to come up with content that is different. Your blog posts will be so much better if you are sure to have short writing sessions. You do not have to write long, but you should try writing often.

3) Enjoy It
You also need to look at blog writing as something that you want to do. This means that you are more likely to get blogs written if you write because you want to rather than because you have to. This means that you should look to write about topics that you are interested. This will keep you more focused on the content that you write.

4) Commit To It
You will only get blogs written if you set aside time for blog writing only. This means that you need to be committed and hold yourself accountable for getting blogs written w hen you need them most. You have to be willing to put the time in because this is the only way that blog posts are going to be written that you can be proud of and that are filled with content that online users are looking for.

35 Good Happy Birthday Messages for a Friend

Birthdays are considered a special time of year for individuals that get an opportunity to celebrate a day all for themselves. The following list of happy birthday messages have been shared by others for ideas on creating that special birthday greeting for a friend.

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are – even if you are getting older. Happy Birthday.
A great friend and a happy birthday. That’s what you are and that is what I wish for you.
A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.
A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age. Happy Birthday.
Another year has passed and let me just say how much we count on you rather than count the years. I wish you a wonderful birthday.
Best wishes for a happy day filled with love and laughter. Happy Birthday.
Best wishes for a joyous day filled with love and laughter. Happy birthday.
Celebrate your birthday today. Celebrate being Happy every day.
Eat, drink and make merry because it is your birthday. Happy Birthday.
Enjoy the music as your friends chant the lovely Happy Birthday song! Make the most of your big day today!
Finding a great friend is like looking for a four leaf clover. But I did get lucky! Happy Bday! May beauty and happiness surround you today and beyond.
Friends may come and go, but birthdays accumulate.
Happy Birthday !! Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.
Happy Birthday to you! I wish that your life blossoms into many of your most cherished desires come true.
Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the begining of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!
Hope you love your new age. It loves you because it looks good on you. Happy Birthday.
I hope you have a wonderful day full of happiness and that your wishes come true! Happy Birthday!
I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy Birthday to you!
It is your birthday, you are more than allowed to act like crazy! It’s time you showed the mettle you’re really made of!
Let this day be full of joy and celebration.
May all your dreams and wishes come true.
Many more days and years of good health, good life and prosperity
May your special day be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours.
On your Birthday, my friend, let’s promise to make this year even more fun!
Special friends are a rare find, but am I glad that you are one of mine! Happy Birthday to a friend I’ll never forget!
Take a day off to celebrate you birthday. Take a year off and tell people you are younger. Happy Birthday.
That’s my wish for you. Happy Birthday!
The sun is shining more brightly today as a way to wish you happy birthday.
Thinking about you on your birthday and wishing you much happiness. Happy Birthday.
Well, you are another year older and you haven’t changed a bit. That’s great because you are perfect just the way you are. Happy Birthday.
When the world works right, good things happen to and for good people and you are definitely good people. Happy Birthday!
Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are. Happy Birthday.
You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face. Happy Birthday!
You have to get older, but you don’t have to grow up.
You’re such a special friend! It’s a pleasure to remember you anytime, especially on your birthday. Have a Great day ahead!

Marketing with birthday emails is considered a great strategy in promoting relevant and personalized messages. These emails also tend to receive 300% more clicks than normal mass promotions. The following infographic outlines ideas for a birthday email marketing campaign.
Happy Birthday Email Marketing Strategy

29 Thank You Messages for Baby Shower

When you are sending out thank you notes for a baby shower, be sure to hand write them. Make a list of the gifts you were given and by whom so you can further personalize your appreciation. Address all your guests by names, even if it was a group gift. A selection of great thank you messages for baby showers to choose from are shared below. These have been used by others and intended to inspire the creation of your own unique and personal thanks.

From the baby still inside to the most loving friend outside.

Have you around makes things super easy. Thank you for such a wonderful baby shower.

It was great to see you at the shower! We had so much fun didn’t we? The baby blanket you gave us is just what we needed. Baby will be so warm and cosy in it when he arrives.

I was truly honored by your presence in the baby shower celebration. Thanks for your generous gift. It’s really an excellent choice which my infant will cherish forever.

It was lovely seeing you at the baby shower. Thank you for the gift certificate. The shop is nearby and I plan to raid it soon. Thank you once again.

May God always keep us together, just like this and may we have many more moments to celebrate.

So kind of you to host my baby shower. Thank you so much for the warmth and sweetness, at such short notice.

Thank you for coming to the baby shower. I really loved the [gift] set. I was looking for [gift] and you were sure to bring it along. Thank you once again for making my work easier.

Thank you for coming to the baby shower. We plan to deposit the gifted amount into the bank for the baby. Thank you for your valuable and practical advice to start saving for the baby’s future. Thank you once again.

Thank you for hosting my baby shower. It is such a blessing having a friend like you.

Thank you for joining the celebrations for the newest family member.

Thank you for making it to the baby shower despire your busy schedule. The cute little [gift] stole my heart.

Where did you lay your hands on them? Thank you once again for the lovely gifts.

Thank you for the cute baby blankets. The baby will feel warm and comfortable in those blankets. Thank you so much once again.

Thank you for your blessings for the baby shower. I truly loved the handmade [gift]. They remind me of my
childhood days. What a beautiful, loving way to welcome the baby. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for coming at the baby shower. It was indeed a blessing.

Thank you so much for coming to the baby shower. Love and best wishes from the proud would be parents.

Thank you so much for sharing our joy of welcoming the soon to arrive bundle of joy.

Thank you so much for the awesome baby shower. It was truly amazing. The baby enjoyed it too, no kicks, no fuss, all quiet in there throughout the baby shower. Thanks once again.

Thank you so much for the baby shower, from me and the kid kicking inside.

Thank you so much for your adorable and thoughtful gift.

Thanks for sharing this special occasion with me.

Thanks for showering so much love on me on my first baby shower.

The memory of my own baby shower will be a treasure. Thanks so much for coming, It was indeed an extraordinary joy!

This is such and exciting part of my life. And you made it all the most special. Thank you so much for such a wonderful baby shower.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I’m so excited that you made it extremely special with the baby shower. Thank you so much. I am blessed to have you around.

With each passing day may our love grow in the giggles and chuckles of our soon to be born baby.

You played the perfect host at my baby shower. How can I ever thank you dear? Thank God for friends like you.

You went out of your way for this baby shower. I can only thank you for your kindness and warmth that made all the guests open up their hearts. Thank you once again my dear.

Your angelic presence lit up the party. Thank you so much for coming to the baby shower.

Planning for a new baby financially can be an expensive and stressful feat. More than 40% of new parents say they were financially unprepared for a new child. The cost of raising a child is estimated as being $295,560 for middle income households. More than a quarter of parents spend an average of $2000 or more in hospital expenses, while the typical total budgeted is only $776. More than 75% of new parents shop for their children at discounted stores.

Financial Planning for a Baby

35 Great Birthday Messages For Cousins

Good memories can come from spending time with our cousins as children. This can grow into our adulthood years, leading to many more celebrations and time spent together. To join in on your cousins birthday celebration, the following birthday messages for cousins are perfect examples of the types of sentiments you may want to share.

Birthdays are a time of year to celebrate and sing. Dear cousin I wish you the best of everything. Happy Birthday.

Blessed is this day that you were born. Rejoice and celebrate for we all love and treasure you our dear cousin.

Every birthday marks the end of one year and the beginning of another. Celebrate the gift of life and the opportunity to be with people who love you.

Every birthday presents a brand new web page in your life. Keep doing good issues and filling that web page with knowledge and good deeds.

Every birthday presents a new page in your life. Keep doing good things and filling that page with wisdom and good deeds.

Growing up with a cousin like you was awesome. Remember all of our great times and all of the times that we did really ridiculous stuff. Make the most of your big day today.

Happy birthday cousin. Rejoice for you have a day to celebrate the live you have lived as you anticipate a bright future.

Having a cousin like you is the best gift ever to me. You always inspire me and I am grateful for that. Have a fantastic birthday and may you live long to inspire more people in your life.

Having a cousin who I can share my joys and anguishes with is such a wonderful gift. Happy birthday cousin.

Having a pretty cousin sister like you is a lot of responsibility. I have to convince all my guy friends to stay away from you because all of them have a crush on you. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin.

I don’t care how much time passes between visits, I always feel like we were just together. I love being your Cousin. Happy Birthday.

I had no control over who my cousin sister would be, but I have full control over which cousin sister I would call my best friend – that’s you. Happy birthday cuz.

If I had the ability to give immortality to the people I love I would surely give it to you so that I can have you forever. Happy birthday to my beloved cousin.

I’m glad you’re my cousin. You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. Have a superb Birthday and a fantastic year ahead of you.

It’s wonderful to have a smart and superb cousin like you. It’s wonderful to have a chance to wish you on your Birthday a lot of joy, luck, happiness, success and fortune in life.

May all your days be filled with happy memories and flowers, friendship, and happy hours.

May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past. Happy Birthday to you, Cuz.

My dear cousin it’s another birthday for you. You have grown wiser since the last one and I am so happy for you. Have a fun filled birthday and many more to come.

My dear cousin may you have a wonderful birthday and may you always know that I really love you.

No matter how much you grow up, for me you are always going to remain the youngest, the dearest and the smartest cousin. Happy Birthday. May all your dreams for the future come true.

Regardless of us being cousins, I am completely happy to be your good friend since you are actually cool. Wishing an exquisite cousin a beautiful Birthday.

Regardless of us being cousins, I’m just glad that I know you as a person because you are really cool. Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way.

There is nothing more great than being blessed with an awesome cousin. I guess we both know that. Happy birthday.

There’s nothing like having a fantastic cousin. That something we both know about. Have a rocking Birthday.

This little greeting comes to state, No matter where you navigate, Beneath the sun and heaven blue, My Birthday wishes will find you.

Today you open a new page in your book of life. Start writing new things by having the joy and breathe to do great things on this wonderful day.

We’ve always had fun, We always shared great times, I’m so very glad, That you’re a cousin of mine. Happy Birthday to you.

What can I hope for such a special cousin on her birthday? I am wishing for lots of happiness, success, health and lots of love in your life.

Wishing a wonderful cousin a wonderful Birthday! Make the best of what you’ve got.

Yes we are related, yes you are family. But you’re not only my Cousin – also a Friend indeed. Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you.

You are a blessing to us. Every day we are happy to have you in our lives. Happy birthday cousin, we really love you.

You are a fantastic cousin and you have not only been a cousin to me you have also been a great friend. Have a fabulous birthday cousin.

You were born on this date and since then you have grown and has been a blessing to our family. May you live long my cousin. Happy birthday.

Your presence in my life is a source of joy and happiness.To my favorite cousin, may all your dreams and wishes come true.

When it comes to extended family, many individuals find themselves performing genealogy searches to locate lost members and relatives from the past. The below infographic provides a quick guide to the best types of genealogy records to locate. From birth to marriage records, you can reconnect with living relatives you may have just recently discovered.

We grow older and forget the things we used to do when young. I hope you won’t forget the hilarious times and things we shared. Enjoy the moment and be happy.

Genealogy Facts to Remember

33 Good Baby Congratulations Card Messages

The baby care market is fueled by a growing population among developing nations and increasing disposable income. The average age of parents worldwide have increased in recent years. Older parents are considered more financially stable and have more money to spend on their children. Increasing women entering the workforce have also contributed to the baby industry growing. The following list of baby congratulations card messages are intended to serve as inspiration to the mommy to be.

A baby is a blessing from God. I am sure your little one will be bless by great parents. Congratulations.
A brand new miracle to call your own! Congratulations.
A cradle full of best wishes for your newborn.
A special gift to welcome your little someone new.
Babies are wonders, babies are fun, congratulations on your new little one.
Baby is cute. Mommy is cute. Daddy is lucky.
Best wishes on your precious new arrival. We hope you are all doing well. Enjoy every moment.
Congratulations. Have fun with all the exciting baby experiences.
Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy/girl.
Congratulations on the safe arrival of your newest family member!! May you cherish this special time and may it be filled with lots of joyous memories. All the best.
Enjoy every moment because they fly.
For all the joys and smiles they bring, a new baby is worth everything.
Here’s wishing you nothing buy joyous times with your new baby.
I am wishing the best for you and your baby in the coming months.
Looking forward to welcoming your new little baby to the world.
May you be given the joy of parenthood and the patience to endure the job.
May your child be blessed and cradled with love and joy. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family.
May your new bundle of joy bless you and your household.
New life, new experiences, new thrills. Congratulations on your new baby.
New life, new experiences, new thrills. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.
No one can imagine life having their own children. But when they are born, no one can imagine life without them.
Nothing brings home so much love, as a brand new baby sent from above.
Parenthood is one of the best journey’s in life. Enjoy the ride.
Welcome to the world little one, it is a place full of delights and wonders.
Welcome to the world, I can not wait to meet you.
Wishing all the best to you and your precious little one.
Wishing you a health, happy pregnancy, and delivery.
Wishing you a wonderful new world of happiness to share with your baby boy/girl.
Wishing you all the best in this exciting new stage of your lives with your new baby.
Wishing you happiness and new joys in your life with your precious baby.
Wishing you lots of happiness with your little one.
Wishing you much happiness as you welcome your new little bundle of joy into your family.
Wishing your new baby a long happy life with laughter, fun, and love.

The below infographic outlines baby stages, milestones, and cost of raising a child. In the first year of a child’s life, a parent can spend between $9,000-$11,000. The baby product industry alone has an annual worth of $30 billion.

Baby Growth Milestones

49 Happy Early Birthday Messages

Celebrating a birthday is a joyous occasion. Celebrating early is even better. New trends have shown that some people even name their birthday month and celebrate the whole month making it more than acceptable to not send sentiments and gifts on their actual birthday, but anytime during the month instead. The following messages and notes are great samples of words and personal messages you can share with your friends and family.

Better early than late, especially when it comes to wishing my best mate. Happy birthday.

For everything else in my life, I am always late. But for my best friend’s birthday, I will always be early. Happy birthday.

Friends remember each others’ birthday on time but the best of friends remember each others’ birthday well in advance. Happy birthday.

Generally I am always very forgetful, but when it comes to special friends like you I am the opposite – I remember in advance. Happy birthday.

Given a choice between Advance and Belated, I’d pick the latter any day. So here’s a birthday wish in Advance.

I am busy so I won’t be able to attend your birthday party. But don’t get too happy, because you’ll still have to give me a treat later. Happy birthday.

I am going to beat Facebook and my iPhone to wish you a happy birthday before they can give me reminders. Happy birthday in advance.

I am used to doing everything in life before time, and your birthday is no exception. Happy birthday in advance.

I can cry, I can throw a tantrum, I can yell or I can complain. But that is not going to change the fact that I am going to be writing a test on your birthday. Have a good one and sorry I won’t be there to wish you in person.

I can’t believe I am going to miss my best friend’s best day of the year. I wish you a happy birthday in advance and I am sorry I won’t be here.

I can’t help but go away on a business trip, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value our friendship. I hate to be away on your birthday but it is not my choice. All my protests drowned out under my boss’ angry voice. But I promise that we will have the biggest party once I am back in town, so don’t let my absence spoil your birthday with a frown. Happy birthday in advance.

I could have taken a day off on your birthday but since you don’t pay my bills, I will unfortunately have to work and miss your party. Happy birthday in advance.

I didn’t want my special wishes to be lost amongst the other hundreds that you will receive on your birthday. Happy birthday, in advance.

I don’t care whether your birthday has arrived or not. I am going to wish you anyway because I love you a lot. Happy birthday in advance to someone who is really hot.

I know I am early, but I have done it deliberately. I know that your birthday isn’t here already, but I am looking forward to it eagerly. Happy birthday.

I know I will miss the one day of the year when you would really want me by your side, but I promise I’ll make it up in the 364 days that follow. Happy birthday in advance.

I know your birthday is still a few days away, but I am going to begin the celebration right from today. Happy birthday.

I may not be able to be there at your birthday part in person, but that doesn’t mean I’ll miss out on all the fun. I’ll still send you a gift that you’ll love and adore, and once I am back we will party until we are sore. Happy birthday in advance.

I officially want to be the first one to wish you, so here’s wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

I thought we were friends, how dare you have your birthday when I am away? Happy birthday in advance.

I was intent on gift wrapping my love for you but a box large enough to fit it all is yet to be made. Happy birthday.

I will be travelling on your birthday but I want to make you a promise my dear friend. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I will raise a glass and think about you when the clock strikes midnight on your birthday. Happy birthday in advance.

If I can pay bills before time, I ought to wish a friend before time too. Happy birthday.

Let’s cherish the day when life gave me a friend.

On your birthday, I may not be there. But that doesn’t mean, that I don’t care. I regret that I won’t be by your side to celebrate, but I wish nothing but happiness in your fate. Happy birthday in advance.

Remembering a birthday before time is much better than remembering a birthday after time. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

Sending you countless wishes to make your birthday memorable.

Since I am going to miss you party, we might as well as start celebrating early. Happy birthday.

Since I am sending a birthday wish in advance to you, I expect a party in advance too. Happy birthday.

Since I am your best friend, do I get the first slice of the cake?

Since I think of you all the time, I might as well as wish you a little ahead of time. Happy birthday in advance.

Since I will be missing your birthday party, I am very sad. I know that even you, will feel very bad. But there is nothing more I can do, than to send my wishes in advance to you. I am sorry that I won’t be able to make it, but believe me even I will miss it to bits.

Since to me, you are such an amazing friend, I am going to wish you before the countdown to your birthday ends. Happy birthday in advance.

Since we are besties I can’t possibly wish you just one time. So happy birthday in advance, to a very dear friend of mine.

Sometimes I wish that life was a video game so I could just hit pause on all my other commitments and not miss your birthday. But since that is not possible, here’s wishing you a happy birthday before I begin my travels.

The fact that I am away on your birthday will give you the chance to celebration twice – once on your real birthday and the second time when I am back. Happy birthday.

The mark of a true best friend is genuinely remembering your friend’s birthday well in advanced before the actual day of her birthday.

The worst part about my job is that it makes me travel a lot and so I will miss your birthday. But the best part about my job is that it pays well so I can buy you a nice gift when I am back. Happy birthday in advance.

There is a special place in my heart for you, so I want to wish you before everyone else starts wishing too. Happy birthday in advance.

This is just a warm up to fill your tummy with butterflies and to keep your adrenaline pumping for that special day tomorrow. Happy Early Birthday.

This message is to let you know that even though I will be traveling on your birthday, my mind and my heart will be with you on your special day. Happy birthday in advance.

To the most wonderful person in the world, on the day when he/she was truly the most wonderful.

What a wonderful day it is, since it’s your birthday

When it comes to a friend as sweet as you, something special on your birthday I must do. Even though your birthday is still far away, I am going to start celebrating from this very day. Happy birthday.

Why am I feeling happy? Oh! It’s your birthday.

You are the first one I tell everything to, so I should also be the first one to wish you. Happy birthday in advance.

You get more perfect and beautiful as the years pass by. Even though it is your birthday, I feel like I am the one who got the gift. You get presents while I get your presence.

Your birthday is a race and I am going to beat everyone else to it. Happy birthday in advance.

Your birthday is too special to be celebrated for just one day, so let’s begin the party right away. Happy birthday in advance.

The below infographic provides a look at the chemical components and ingredients of aging and the effects of your skin. Many suffer from some form of UV damage which can dramatically increase the process of your skin. Wearing sunscreen and getting decent sleep can help to maintain a healthy form of skin as well as consuming the right foods and undergoing a skin routine.

Aging Facts About Skin

29 Get Well Soon Messages for Kids

Children can easily become sick with a cold or flu causing them to suffer with an ear infection, pneumonia, sinusitis, or bronchitis. The spreading of germs and contracting the rhinovirus can spread sickness easily among children. The average child suffers from a cold more than 6 to 8 times a year while the adult suffers 2 to 4 times. A selection of get well soon message for kids to help spread good will and wellness are listed below.

Better you than me. Get well soon.

Card messages aren’t my thing. Get well soon.

During this down time we hope that your recovery is a relaxing and restful one. All the best and we hope you get well soon.

Get well soon. Missing you lots and we hope that your recovery is a speedy one.

Here’s to hoping you get well soon. We’re missing you at home and can’t wait to have you back.

Here’s to hoping you get well soon. We’re thinking of you during this time and we hope that your recovery is a restful one.

I hope that you will get well very soon. The beautiful outdoors will be ready for your next playtime.

I know it is no fun to be sick. So have all your medicines on time and get well soon.

I wish that you get well soon, so that you can go out and play again.

I prayed that your little angel will come your way to keep you safe and take your booboos away. Get well soon, kiddo.

I’m really sorry to hear of your illness. We’re all thinking of you during this time and hope your recovery is a
speedy one.

It is so sad to have such a sweetheart fall so ill. Take care my little angel. Get lots of rest and get well soon.

May you be back on your feet again soon. Home hasn’t been the same without you. Please get well soon.

May you enjoy this time off to put your feet up and recover fully. We hope that the next few weeks are filled with lots of rest and relaxation.

May you feel your usual self again in no time. Missing you lots while you’re getting back on you feet and hope to see you at home again soon.

May your hospital stay be only short. Wishing you a complete and restful recovery. Get well soon.

May your recovery be a quick and zippy one. Enjoy the time off and we hope to see back on your feet again soon.

May your recovery be a short but restful one. We’re all thinking of you during this time and we hope you’re back on your feet soon.

Maybe you are down now, but with the love and care that we are for you, you shall soon recover. All the best, get well soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we wish for a complete and restful recovery. Looking forward to catching up with you again soon.

Please lose all your worries. I wish you a speedy recovery. Cheer up, get well soon.

We’re all missing you terribly and can’t wait to have you back at home again. Get well soon. Lots of love.

We’re all thinking of you during this time while you’re getting better in hospital. Wishing you a speedy recovery and we hope to see you again at home soon.

We’re all thinking of you while you’re in hospital with your feet up. Wishing you a speedy recovery and we hope to see you at home again soon.

We’re thinking of you during this time. Wishing you a restful recovery and we hope that you’re back to your usual self again soon.

Wishing you a super duper, fast and zippy recovery. Home hasn’t been the same without you.

Wishing you all the best with your recovery. May you use this restful time to recharge and energize. All the best.

With faith, courage and hope, you shall soon be healthy and happy. Stay relaxed and calm. Get well soon.

You are very precious and we cannot see you like this. We wish and pray a speedy recovery for you. Take care.

The below infographic provides a compilation of symptoms and effects when the common cold spreads contagiously through people. There are currently more than 100 different Rhinoviruses and spread causing the cold to hit. You can easily contract it through viral particles, inhaling drops of mucus in the air containing the virus, or spreading through respiration secretions. Many home remedies can be used to cure yourself from the virus, although many complications can also occur.

Common Cold Symptoms

The Best Times and Days to Send Emails


Email can be a great way for you to communicate. It is fast, easy and is a way that you can talk directly to consumers. However, there is an art to creating the perfect email. Not only do you need to consider the content that is within the email, but you also need to be sure that you send your email at the right time. The time that you choose to send your email can make big impact on if it is read of if it is replied to. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Day
The day that is best for you to send emails is not always easy to pinpoint. It depends on who you are sending your email to. This means that the day in which you send your email will change based on if it is business or personal email. In most cases, a weekday is ideal. This is a day at most people choose to open emails. Weekends are days where some people choose to open no emails at all. This means that by the data, you are best if you choose to send an email on a Tuesday. It is not the first day of the week, but it is also not at the end of week. This means that an email sent on a Tuesday has the best chance of being opened.

2) Morning
If you want your email to have the chance of being clicked on, it it best to send it in the morning. These are the emails that are the most often seen. You do not have to send your email first thing in the morning, but you do want to end it fairly early if you want it to have the best chance of being clicked. The time that is most ideal is 10:00 am. This is the time that you should look to send an email that will be clicked and replied to. Just be sure that you send on a weekday, if you send an email at 10 am on a weekend day, it will most likely not be seen.

You just need to consider who you are sending your email to and if you are only looking for a click or if you also need a response. This will change the time and day that you choose to send the email based on your audience.

45 Best Resources for Small Business Owners


Being an entrepreneur is not something that is easy. This means that if you are looking to have success in business, you need to know the best resources that you can take advantage of. These are the resources that can be useful and helpful when you are looking to get ahead. You just need to know which resources are the best. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Habits of Highly Effective People
Books can be filled with the knowledge and the wisdom that you need to get ahead in business. This is a book that is very popular among entrepreneurs and it is filled with advice that can really work for you. This means that if you are looking to learn about the habits that will help you to be the most successful, this is a book that you need to read. It will help you to get motivated and will allow you to know what changes to make in your behaviors that will have the most pay off for you.

2) The War of Art
This was book that was originally written for people that were looking to amke a career out of writing, but it is popular with anyone that is looking go after their dream. This means that if you are looking to pursue a career as an entrepreneur of any type, you have the ability to benefit from this book. It is book that will help you to focus on going after something that is important to you. No matter what you are looking to strive for, it can be well within your reach.

3) Start up
If you want to be an entrepreneur that can avoid the startup pitfalls that plague most, you should listen to this podcast. This is very good resource for anyone that is looking to start a business. Alex Bloomberg is the host of podcast and it will give you great advice that you can use to make sure that you are as successful as you can be.

4) Quota
Another great resource that you can give a try is this amazing forum. This is a forum where you can post questions and get them answered by people within the industry that have a lot of knowledge. This means that you can take the advice from the answers that are given.

All of these resources can work for you and be helpful.

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the process of having the potential customer begin a conversation with you. Before the potential lead is ready to make a purchase, they begin to interact with a brand and business because content has been shared with them in some way.

Inbound marketing is the type of marketing that is used most often on the internet. Creating content, being focused on lead generation, and providing something of value without a direct expectation for return are all classified as methods of inbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is what would be considered the “traditional” type of marketing that has been used by companies since the first businesses opened. This form of marketing requires the business and brand to begin the conversation with their leads.

Any form of reaching out to a potential customer is classified as part of the outbound marketing arena. This includes advertising, attending a trade show, picking up the phone to call someone, or sending out an email to someone.

How Inbound Marketing Differs from Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing follows a four-step process to push someone towards a conversion.

  • Attraction. This process pulls people in toward the brand and business. People might be attracted to the content on a blog, be looking for something based on their own keywords, or looking to establish connections on social media.
  • Conversion. There must be some way to convert a lead into a potential customer. This is done by using sign-up forms, a call-to-action within the text, or specific landing pages that promote a value proposition that has been developed through target marketing.
  • Closing. The leads might initiate the conversation with inbound marketing, but it is up to each brand and business to follow-up and close the deal. This occurs through workflows, email confirmations, follow-up marketing, and various signals that push the potential customer forward another step through the sales funnel.
  • Happiness. Once a sale occurs, follow-up marketing is required to maintain the happiness of a consumer. Even if a promised value is met, that value decreases over time. Think of how a new car depreciates over time and this is what a value proposition does. By creating more smart content, offering customer-specific events, and other social promotions, brands can keep customers happy while keeping themselves at the top of the mind simultaneously.

One of the issues that brands and businesses face with inbound marketing is the type of lead that that is attracted to them. Not every potential lead will convert into a customer, but some are more likely to do so than others. Rather than attempt to be a one-size-fits-all solution, the best inbound marketing campaigns target the best possible leads and push them forward while attempting to accommodate others as much as possible.

Outbound marketing attempts to improve sales and brand exposure by reaching out to specific groups of people. This may happen on a targeted scale or through a mass marketing effort. This means brands and business are going to the people instead of having the people come to them.

Although the benefits of a successful outbound marketing campaign are the same as a successful inbound marketing campaign, there are certain challenges which must be addressed.

There must be metrics in place that can help a brand and business track the return on their investment when conducting an outbound campaign.
Considerable blocking techniques are in place for consumers to use, from pop-up blockers to spam filters to commercial skippers, that must be accounted for during the initial design phases of a campaign.
A value proposition must still be offered in some way to a potential consumer, even though the brand and business doesn’t know which consumers are going to be receptive to the initiated conversation.

For many businesses, outbound marketing is a high-cost solution to grow revenue streams or brand reputation. Despite the typically low yields, however, the average business will spend up to 90% of their marketing budget annually on outbound efforts.

Advantages of Outbound Marketing That Must Be Considered

When comparing inbound marketing to outbound marketing, it can be easy to believe that the inbound process is far superior. It may be cheaper and relatively easier to create an inbound marketing campaign, but there are certain advantages that outbound marketing can provide that make it a more effective solution.

Think about it like this: can you name the last blog that you read? What was the information in that blog? What did it make you think about?

Now answer this question: what happened the last time you were called by a telemarketer?

Outbound marketing is a form of interruption. People remember interruptions more often than they remember something that was informative – even if that informative item held a strong value for them.

There’s a good chance that you’re not going to enjoy a phone all with a telemarketer. There’s an equally good chance that you hate the flashing banner advertisements that are plastered all over the internet today. Yet if the product or service is interesting and offered for a fair price, you might take a telemarketer up on their offer.

You might decide to click on the banner advertisement to explore the offer a little more.

That’s the power of outbound marketing and why it can be superior to inbound marketing. Inbound marketing focuses on long-term wants and values. Outbound marketing focuses on short-term needs and instant gratification.

What Both Types of Marketing Require for Success

Inbound and outbound marketing can be successful for a brand and business, but each lead that is generated by the effort must be nurtured for the experience to be successful for all parties. A potential customer can find you from a targeted Google search or they can find you from an advertisement that aired on the local news.

Either way, there is no guarantee that the lead generated is ready to make a purchase right away.

That means inbound and outbound marketing are equal in terms of effectiveness. For success to occur, there must be a focus on the pros and cons of both marketing efforts so that results can be achieved.

You may need highly reliable data to make an outbound marketing effort be successful, but you need a high volume of new content to make an inbound marketing effort be successful. Each can be difficult to maintain from a time or monetary cost perspective.

For this reason, both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns tend to coordinate with each other, passing leads back and forth to maximize their potential. This allows for a nurturing process to be initiated, no matter how the potential customer came to the brand, and that sets up a better chance at creating a conversion.

Without marketing, a business cannot be found. These options make it much easier for that finding process to get started.

12 Keys to Choosing the Perfect Domain Name


There are many aspects of your business’s site that you need to take into consideration. The Domain name is something that matters. This means that you need to carefully choose the domain name that you use for your site. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you choose the best name possible. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Catchy
One thing that you need to be sure of when you are choosing a domain name is that you choose a name that is catchy. This means that you need to use a bit if your imagination and come up with something that is creative. You do not want to choose a name that is boring. It might take you more time to come up with a name that is catchy, but this is the only way that you will have a name that is memorable. If you come up with a name that is catchy, it is more likely to make an impact on consumers in a positive way.

2) Simple
You also want to be sure that you do not choose a domain name that is really complex. You want it to be easy to spell and also to be a name that many people can easily become familiar with. This means that you do not want a domain name that is filled with hyphens or one that is overly distracting in a bad way.

3) Short
Another characteristic of a successful domain name is one that is short and sweet. This means that you do not want to choose a domain name that is too long. This will be hard for people to remember and it becomes a name that is not easily types. If you want to have a domain name that is the best, you want to be sure that it is short.Having a domain name that is wordy will only slow consumers down and this is not something that you want to do.

4) Obvious
You also want to be sure that the domain name that you choose makes sense for your business or brand. You need to choose words that are connected to your business in some way. This allows you to create a domain name that makes the most sense and one that consumers can tell is related to your business. Just be sure that you choose an obvious domain name.

Xero vs Quickbooks

Xero accounting software and online bookkeeping makes it possible to manage invoicing, perform bank reconciliation, and handle standard accounting tasks. It promotes itself as “the QuickBooks alternative.”

QuickBooks has been the gold standard for accounting software and online bookkeeping for nearly an entire generation. It offers users numerous tools that can help to keep track of real-time data so that profits, losses, and inventory management become easier to manage.

Here are the key points of difference between these two accounting software options to consider if you happen to be looking for this type of product for your home or business.

1. Price

Xero offers three pricing tiers that provide different levels of service.

  • For $9 per month, users can send up to 5 invoices and quotes, enter 5 bills, and reconcile up to 20 bank transactions.
  • For $30 per month, the restrictions on invoices, quotes, bills, and bank transaction reconciliation are eliminated. You can also perform payroll for up to 5 people.
  • For $70 per month, payroll for up to 10 people and have access to multi-currency support.

Xero requires a 30-day notice to cancel any subscription that has been purchased.

QuickBooks offers four different pricing tiers that provide different levels of service.

  • For $5 per month, self-employed workers can track mileage and income, send invoices, and organize their expenses.
  • For $10 per month, sending estimates and tracking sales tax is added, but tracking mileage is removed.
  • For $24 per month, managing bills is added to the package, along with the ability to add multiple users.
  • For $35 per month, you can track time, inventory and 1099 payments.

QuickBooks allows you to add an enhanced payroll option for $12 per month and $5 per employee. Full service payroll is available for $40 per month and $5 per employee.

2. Payroll

For US customers, Xero offers payroll on standard and premium plans in several states, though electronic services are not available in most of them. This service includes free direct deposit and the ability to electronically file and pay Federal taxes. Users can manage their tasks, update accounts, approve leave, and track working hours for individual employees with simple menu interactions.

QuickBooks offers the same type of payroll services with their add-on products. Employees can be paid with free direct deposit and e-filing payroll and personal taxes is available.

For a payroll price comparison, Xero allows for up to 5 employees in the standard $30 per month plan for many consumers. QuickBooks would provide the same service for $47 per month, but without any restrictions to electronic services or geographic locations.

3. The Basics

Xero provides financial performance reports, app access, bank account connections, SSL encryption, 24/7 customer support and regular updates to their software package with every subscription. Users can create purchase orders via email, convert POs to bills or invoices, and be able to stay on top of their orders and costs.

QuickBooks provides access to mobile apps to make it easier to follow-up on invoices. Notifications of customer interactions can be sent to a mobile device. SSL bank integration allows users to track their finances in real time. 24/7 customer support is available and the product can be used in the browser or through a software download.

Neither provider requires new users to sign a contract.

4. Trying It

Xero offers new users the chance to try their accounting software with a 30-day free trial. The signup process requires only a small amount of personal information. You then can assign and unlimited number of users to your account and there is no credit card required to start using their accounting software.

QuickBooks also provides a 30-day free trial for their products without the need of providing a credit card as well. New subscribers may also be eligible to take advantage of a 60-day money-back guarantee on this platform. You are not required to provide a specific notice period for cancellation, but the current billing cycle will be billed up to the cancellation date.

Xero vs QuickBooks: Which is Better?

Xero offers users access to several payroll features at a price that is more affordable than QuickBooks. On the other hand, QuickBooks provides SMBs with a full suite of services that can help them take control over their finances in a simple and easy way.

For companies that have employees and internalized accounting, Xero may be an affordable alternative that helps you keep track of your data and metrics. For those who work independently as freelancers or sole proprietors, QuickBooks is a lower cost solution with equal features.

In the Xero vs QuickBooks debate, both provide adequate solutions. Choose the option that best meets your needs today.

35 Sympathy Card Messages for Loss of a Mother or Father

Knowing someone that just lost a loved one or losing a loved one yourself can be considered a difficult time for grief. The following sympathy card messages are outlined below to help inspire sending a note of condolences. These have been used by other individuals and shared with the intent of encouraging messages of love and grief to your beloved ones.

(NAME’s) was a great man/woman.
A kind voice is just a phone call away. Please reach out to me in your time of need.
A loved ones passing is never easy. We are here for you.
Allow yourself time to grieve tears can heal the soul. There were few who could compare to (NAME).
I am deeply saddened by (NAME’s) death.
I am sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family during these difficult times.
I am truly sorry for your loss. There is not grieving message that can express how much he meant to me. My heart is aching.
I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your (NAME).
I learned of (NAME’s) tragic death. You are in our hearts and prayers.
I want to express my condolences to you. Your family is surrounded by the love of many.
I want you to know friends who love you surround you.
I was deeply saddened by the news of (NAME’s) passing. My heart felt condolences to you and your family.
I was truly saddened by the death of (NAME).
If we can provide you comfort, know our thoughts are with you.
It was a shock to hear the news of (NAME’s) passing. I want to offer my deepest condolences.
Let patience be upon you in this time of grief. Allow the love of others to lift you in this time of grief.
Let the memories of (NAME’s) life comfort you in his/her death.
May the memories of (NAME) help you find peace.
My family and I were saddened to learn of (NAME’s) death.
Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy.
Our thoughts are with you and your family. The news of (NAME’s) death brings much sadness.
Our thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow.
Please accept our heartfelt condolences. May the passage of time heal your grief.
Please let me know of any way I can help you. My family extends to you our deepest sympathies.
Sorry to hear about (NAMES’s) (MOTHER/FATHER/UNCLE/ect.) It’s never easy. My prayers are with you and your family.
We are consumed with sadness to learn of the tragic loss of (NAME).
We are sorry for your loss. (NAME), was such a great person, (HE/SHE) will live on in our memories forever.
We are thinking of you during these difficult times.
We can’t begin to imagine what you are feeling, but let us share our heart-felt condolence.
We know the day will come but death always leaves us with grief.
We offer deepest condolences to you and your family. If never seems fair, but death is often the greatest relief for the suffering.
We pray the love for the lost is forever carried in your memory. My you find comfort in loving memories.
We were coworkers of (NAME). Words cannot express our sorrow. The office won’t be the same without (HIM/HER). (NAME) will be missed.
Word’s cannot express the sadness we feel for you dealing with the death of (NAME).
You and your family are in our prayers. Sorry to hear of your loss.

It is no secret that as time goes by, so does the increases of costs. A traditional funeral in recent times can cost upwards off $10,000 to provide them with a traditional service and burial. The following infographic outlines additional interest statistics and facts about the costs of dying.
The Average Cost of Funerals

33 Thank You Messages for Teacher

Teachers an entrusted with educating your youth and preparing them for their future. However, more than half of teachers work on Sundays compared to 90% of other professionals. More than a third of teachers plan on leaving the field before retirement due to low pay. Despite working long hours, wages have only increased less than a percent since 1996. To show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of your teacher, the following thank you messages are intended to encourage you.

A good teacher is a master of simplification and an enemy of simplism.

A good teacher is everything a parent can never be. Thanks, for being one.

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.

Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more.

I may not say it always. But, I mean it whenever I say it. Thank You Teacher for all the things you have done for me.

In this note I want to tell you that you are the best. You shine above all the rest. So accept my thanks for all you do . I’m indeed very lucky to have you in my life.

Life is a journey and your words have been a guiding light throughout. Happy Teachers’ Day.

My success is your blessing, teacher. I would always be thankful to you.

Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. I am grateful to have you as my teacher.

Thank you for teaching me how to read and write, for guiding me to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. For allowing me to dream and soar as a kite, thank you for being my friend, mentor and light.

Thank you for your constant encouragement and support teacher. You surly deserve a big thanks for everything.

Thanks a lot teacher for guiding me, inspiring me and making me what I am today.

Thanks for being my teacher and guided me to the right path of life. I thank you teacher.

Thanks for being my teacher and guiding me towards the right path of life. I am grateful to you teacher.

The Award for the most wonderful teacher has been declared and it goes to You. Happy Teachers day.

The joys of learning come from you, for you make things simply wonderful to know Happy Teacher’s Day.

The school may have found a teacher in you, but our child found a hero in you. Thanks.

The success of your blessings, and teacher. I will always be grateful to you.

We will always be grateful for all the hard work and effort that you put in the field of education to us.

When it comes to teaching no one can compete with you. Happy Teachers day.

With a great teacher like you, I was sure that life will be a successful journey, but I never knew you would make a journey with such success, ease. I can not express my gratitude sir.

Without you, we would be lost. Thank you, the teacher is guiding us, inspiring us and makes us what we have today.

Without you, we would have been lost. Thank you teacher for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today.

You are not only my teacher; you are my friend, mentor and guide, all rolled into one person. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness. Thanks you.

You are not only our teacher. Rather, you are friend, philosopher and guide, all molded into one person. We will always be grateful to you for your support.

You are not only our teachers. On the contrary, you are a friend, philosopher and guide, all formed in one person. We will always be grateful to you for your support.

You are the best Teacher in this world. I am really thankful to God for blessing me with a teacher like you. Thanks a lot for guiding me.

You are the best teacher in this world. Where can I go in my life, I will always remember that I have excellent leadership as a teacher, you.

You are the best Teacher in this world. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, you.

You have and will continue to be a great influence on me. Thank you for the great work you do and the huge impact you make in young people’s lives as a teacher.

You have been more than a teacher-mentor, guide and philosopher. Thank you for blessing me.

You have been the mentor of life. Though I did not realize it earlier. Now it feels great to have someone who guided me to the right track in life. Happy Teacher’s Day.

You were a mentor of life. Although I did not realize this before. Now it feels wonderful to have someone lead me in the right path in life. Happy Teacher’s Day.

Teachers tend to work an average of 50 hours a week with almost half of them working over 20 hours per week outside of class unpaid. There are more than 7.2 million teachers in the United States. Half of them work as elementary and secondary teachers while the other half work in preschool and post secondary education. An estimated 80% of teachers are female with 20% being in the 20′s. The below infographic provides some interesting trends and facts about teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Facts and Statistics

23 Happy Anniversary to my Husband Messages

The wedding day is considered to be the top celebrated even with friends and family at the beginning of your marriage. The anniversary is a continuation of celebrating your love for one another through the years. The acts of commitment and dedication should be honored by one another in a memorable way. Many couples save the top layer of their wedding cake to be enjoyed on their first anniversary. Candles can also be used and centerpieces created by a dried bouquet. The following happy anniversary messages are perfect to share with your husband as a special note of how you feel.

A husband is just a title every man can have. But it takes a heart and life to live by it. You never failed to show me how much I mean to you. I love you. I always do. Happy anniversary.

All these years, you have been amazing. As a dad to our kids and as my lover, I have been happy in your arms. I can see that we will be happier for the rest of our days. Thank you for everything.

All the words in the world could not even begin to describe how deeply I am in love with you, from the first moment I saw you until the never-ending heartbeat you have given me. You are not only my love, but you are my Soul.

Amongst the million unresolved questions about the reasons of human existence, I’ve got the answer to mine – a husband like you. Happy anniversary.

An anniversary reminds us that our marriage made it so far because it is strong, good and worth fighting for.
couldn’t ask for more with you by my side always. You never failed to show your love for me, implicitly or the other way around. I just want to show you how much I love you. And walk greater miles with you. I love you. Happy anniversary.

First, you gave me a glance and I gave you my hand. You reached out for me, and I held you tight. Then you looked deep into my eyes, and I gave you my heart. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to the one I’ll always want, even when I’m too old to remember what I’m supposed to want you for.
I am glad we have made it so far and I am sure we will go far as we have loved this journey that we took together years before.

I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is my best day in my life. Happy anniversary to you my dear.

I thank God for giving me the best husband. Happy Anniversary.

If I could ask for a gift on our anniversary, it would be that we both enjoy good health in the years to come.

Loving me in a very special way. Supporting me all the way. You will always be my Prince Charming and I wish to have a happy ending. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

My love for you could not possibly get any bigger for it is endless and timeless. You have given me a new life, naming me The Rarest Beauty. I am in your debt, and I will always be your Queen. I Love You.

No words can express the love I have for you. I am so thankful having you as my life partner. Happy Anniversary.

Promises. Roses. Harmony. Joy. Laughter. Love. Endless Passion. These are just very few of the million things you have given my heart. I am yours. Happy Anniversary.

Since I met you, my life has never been the same. Thanks for making it better and happier. I love you and Happy Anniversary, hubby.

So this is what it’s like to grow old with you. I’ve barely noticed it all these years. Nevertheless, our love is still as fresh as dew every morning. It has been wonderful to grow old loving you, my dear husband.

Thank you for being my husband, my partner, my lover and my best friend. Happy Anniversary.

The harsh realities of everyday life, bitterness of failure at work and regrets of the past – all these things become bearable just because I have a husband like you. Happy anniversary.

We may not have much but your love has been more than enough for me. I am with you always and love you for eternity.

You are so kind, generous, sweet and handsome, as bonus. I hope that you stay that way forever. Thanks for another year of wonderful marriage.

The vastness, accessibility, and ease of use with social media has brought forth a new era for relationships. Almost a quarter of single individuals would use sites such as Facebook to contact someone and ask them out on a first date. Almost a quarter of single people have always signed up for a dating site. When new relationships are formed, almost 60% of people friend the person on Facebook. The below infographic provides many in depth facts regarding relationships and the influence of being online.

Relationships and Social Media

29 Funny Good Luck Text Messages

Luck can have very many different meanings from around the world. Some believe in superstitions will luck can be taken away by dropping and breaking things such as a mirror inside a home. Others believe a rabbit’s foot can offer you good luck. During any occasion or celebration of goodness for someone else, the following good luck text messages will let the other person know you are thinking about them during this time.

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him. Good Luck.

Don’t be afraid of pressure, remember that pressure is what turn lumps of coals into diamonds. Best of Luck.

Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day. Think of this and lead your life. Good Luck.

Good luck to you as you move toward the next chapter life brings your way.

Happiness are light as air. Love as deep as ocean. Friends as solid as diamonds and success as bright as gold. These are my wishes for you today and everyday. Good Luck.

Here’s to hoping good luck continues to follow you for all the rest of your days my friend.

Here’s to wishing you the best of luck in all life has to offer you.

How lucky you two are to make each other’s lives complete. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

I find my heart singing a chorus at your happy news. Good luck to you during this joyous time.

I heard about your good news and wanted to wish you good luck and best of health.

It doesn’t matter what you do, I hope luck is always beside you.

Let good luck be on your side always.

Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live it in the best way we can.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. Good Luck.

Luck is not found but made by those who are determined and you are one such person.

May God give you the courage to face all the challenges with a smile.

May your roads be smooth and your burdens be light. May you find the dreams and touch the stars and never forget how special you are.

My heart is filled with joy at the sound of your good news. Best of luck to you dear friend.

My heart is flowing with joy at knowing that good luck has finally fallen upon your doorstep.

River has many turns enjoy each turn cause each turn will not return. Wish you good luck.

Sending you happy thoughts and lots of luck as you move forward with your life.

Sending you thoughtful wishes in all life’s endeavors. Good luck to you now and always.

So glad to hear about your promotion. May your life always be filled with such good luck.

The sweetest things in life are love and happiness. Wishing you good luck now that you have found that.

There are no mistakes, No coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn. A journey of a thousand miles started with only one step. Good Luck.

There is no royal road to success but after success every road becomes royal. Best wishes for those who believe in struggle.

To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream. Not only plan but also believe. Best wishes for your exam.

You may not know where life’s road will lead you. But keep moving. God is walking with you. Good Luck.

You’re on the threshold of a wonderful life as husband and wife. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

The following infographic provides a look at some of the luckiest symbols found in the world. Items such as pigs, horse shoes, pigs, and money can all resemble things of good luck to the Irish. When it comes to other locations around the world, some believe the dragonfly, chimney sweeper, evil eye, and scarab are good luck. This and more can be found below.

Lucky Symbols from Around the World

11 Ways to Reduce Stress and Be Happy


One of the things that comes most naturally in life is stress. It is so easy to get bogged down by daily activities that stress can easily get you down. This means that you need to look for the best and most effective ways that you cab beat stress that that you can get happy. Happiness is something that can help you keep stress at bay. You just need to know how you can enhance your mood with ease. It is time that you learned how you can get happy and stop stressing. Here are some of the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Why Worry?
When worrying has you down, it is important that you remember most of the things that you worry about never actually happen. This means that about 85% of the things that you worry about and stress over never actually take place. This means that they are only real in your mind. You should not let these worries have any power because they are not worth it. Even if something that you are worried about does occur, many people can handle this event much better than they think. This means that there really is no point to worry and stress. Just take what comes your way in life and make the best of it. This is all that you can do.

2) Money
The main thing that people are stressed out about is money. The other main things that people are stressed out about are tied to money because the other main stresses in life are the economy and work. This means that in the end it often comes back to ,money and how you are able to provide for yourself and your family.

3) Side Effects
The main reason that you need to stop stressing and worrying is because it can be bad for your health. the negative side effects of stress that can take place within the body have the ability to effect your heart, digestive system, memory and skin. This means that stressing can cause a lot of damage to the mind and body.

4) Vent
One of the beast ways that you can get rid of stress and find your happiness is to vent to a friend. This means that you need to talk about what is bothering you and get it off your chest. This is the only way that you will be able to let go of your stress.

33 Mind-Blowing Rod Stewart Quotes

Rod Stewart is a British rock singer and songwriter. Coming from Scottish and English ancestry, Stewart can be found performing around the globe. Here is a look at some of the best Rod Stewart quotes ever documented.

“Elvis was the king. No doubt about it. People like myself, Mick Jagger and all the others only followed in his footsteps.”

“Every picture tells a story, don’t it?”

“Half the battle is selling music, not singing it. It’s the image, not what you sing.”

“How can my son not be straight after all I’ve said and done for him?”

“I started singing in the bathroom, … Nothing was coming out. It was ghastly.”

“I suppose I miss the British cynicism and the humor.”

“I tried therapy. This had never appealed to me. For me, it was a bit like a Chinese meal: very filling at the time, but then an hour later you’re hungry again.”

“I want to dance, I want her ass. Why is she ignoring me?”

“I want to go out at the top, but the secret is knowing when you’re at the top, it’s so difficult in this business, your career fluctuates all the time, up and down, like a pair of trousers.”

“I wish I knew what I know now before.”

“If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on sugar let me know.”

“I’ll be dead by the time I’m forty.”

“I’ll bring the red wine, you bring the ludes.”

“I’m a rock star because I couldn’t be a soccer star.”

“I’m proud to be a railway modeler. It means more to me to be on the cover of Model Railroader than to be on the cover of a music magazine.”

“Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and just give her a house.”

“I’ve been out with some extremely beautiful women who have had no sex appeal whatsoever. It really is a lot more than skin deep.”

“I’ve never been more in love with anyone nearly half my age than I am today. I’d get married in a minute if I weren’t still married to somebody else.”

“I’ve still got a brilliant head of hair, which refuses to lay down.”

“Life is so brief and time is a thief when you’re undecided.”

“May you grow to be proud, dignified, and true, and do unto others as you’d have done to you.”

“Only a fool permits the letter of the law to override the spirit in the heart. Do not let a piece of paper stand in the way of true love and headlines.”

“Optimism is my best defense.”

“Surely if God had meant us to do yoga, he would have put our heads behind our knees.”

“Tonight’s the night. It’s gonna be alright.”

“Well, there’s not a day goes by when I don’t get up and say thank you to somebody.”

“What I do now is all my dad’s fault, because he bought me a guitar as a boy, for no apparent reason.”

“Whatever road you choose, I’m right behind you win or lose.”

“When the one you love is in love with someone else, don’t you know it’s torture, I mean it’s living hell.”

“You can avoid the press if you really want to and I don’t walk around with five security guards either because I think that just draws attention.”

“You go through life wondering what is it all about but at the end of the day it’s all about family.”

“You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul. You’ll be my breath, should I grow old.”

“You’ve got to have this burning desire in your chest to succeed.”

Here is a behind the scenes look at Rod Stewart and his autobiography as photographed by his wife Penny Lancaster.

31 Adoring Birthday Messages for a Boyfriend

Maintaining a successful relationship takes a lot of work. Almost half of individuals have been cheated on. More than two thirds of people believe that there is only one true soul mate in the world for them. A third of individuals have broken up their relationship on text, email, or social media. Many relationships communicate on a daily basis by cell or text. To show appreciation of your boyfriend on his special day, the following listing of birthday messages are intended to encourage your own special words to share.

Even when skies are gray, you brighten every day. You will always be the love and light in my life. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to my greatest love. No matter the test, our love can stand it. In fact, our love can rise above it. Our love can do anything.

Happy birthday to the love of my life. Before I met you, I imagined what the man of my dreams would be like. You’re so much better than I ever imagined.

Happy birthday to the most sweetest and sugary person I know, have an awesome day ahead and stay blessed, happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my dearest. You’re the reason I smile, the reason I laugh, the reason I jump for joy. You’re the reason for everything “happy” in my life.

Happy birthday. I’m so lucky to have you. You’re so lucky to have me. We’re just two lucky people getting exactly what they deserve.

Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.

I can’t put a price on our memories, but I can make them better by adding a few more to the pile. Happy birthday, love.

I hope your birthday is full of joy, glory and lots of love.

I love you more than I can ever say in words, so I will just have to show you. Yes, I’m about to make this birthday the best you’ve ever had. Happy birthday, my love.

I’d like to wish a lovely and very happy birthday to the prince in my life.

I’m more than thankful you’re in my life. I’m complete. You fill me up with love. Let’s fill your birthday with love.

If heaven exists, then I’m sure it’s going to be overwhelming for me when I see it because I’ve already found my Heaven in you. Happy Birthday sweetheart.

If I could put my heart on paper and ink for you, I would have done it. Not because I’m crazy but to show you how much I love you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

If there’s anything in the world that I’m blown away by, it’s your smile. On your Birthday today I pray that may this wonderful smile of yours never disappears from your face. Happy birthday handsome.

In the dictionary, the word “love” is defined as “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” That’s not how I define love. To me, it’s…“you” and “us” and what we have together.

Is there any better place on the Earth than the comforting spot on your shoulders? I bet my life there isn’t. Be mine forever darling. Happy Birthday.

It’s always a treat to wish Happy Birthday to someone so sweet.

My love for you will never cease and you’ll always be the one for me. Happy Birthday.

On your special day, you should know how much you mean to me, so I will tell you the only way I know how with lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Somebody up there cares for you, somebody down here loves you. Happy Birthday.

The first thing that came to my mind this morning was that today is your Birthday. I hope I’ve been the first one to wish you because you’re special for me. Happy Birthday.

Today, you may be one year older, but you’ve never been so handsome and sexy. And you just get better and better every day. I love you to pieces. Happy birthday.

We may be far apart but never far enough to forget the start, of a bright new relationship that lived in our hearts. Happy Birthday.

You can’t see my birthday gift but it’s bigger than you and me. In fact, it’s bigger than anything you’ve ever seen. And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s the love we share. I hope you enjoy it.

You give the world and me so much love. On your birthday, and every day afterward, may you know only love. Happy birthday, my love, the love of my life.

You may grow old, but I’ll grow old along with you and our love will always stay young. Happy Birthday.

You may officially be my boyfriend, but you are my best friend first. And I wish you all the luck in the world. Happy Birthday.

You will always be my blue eyed boy and I will always be your girl who makes others go green. Let’s hope that this Birthday of yours paints us in many more fun colors of life. Happy Birthday.

Your Birthday brings me hope that every year we’ll be together celebrating this wonderful day. Every year we’ll be counting your blessings and thinking about more amazing Birthdays to share. On that note, I wish you a very Happy Birthday sweetheart.

Your birthday marks the end of another year of us being together and the start of many others to come.

The following infographic takes a look at the impact and influence of relationships on social media. For those that meet someone new, more than half of individuals immediately follow up with friending them on Facebook. An estimated 64% of users post romantic messages on their significant other’s page. When dating someone more than a quarter of individuals use Facebook to communicate and contact them. More than 40% do so in person.

Relationships and Social Media

41 Loving Birthday Messages for Sons

When it comes to writing a special message to your son, be sure to show your appreciation and love that their life brings into your. Many parents talk about the pride and joy they have for their son while others may have built a more humorous relationship and write a similarly funny sentiment. Regardless of the relationship style, the following birthday messages for son provides a great collection of sentiments you can use.

A day never goes by that you are not thought about with love, smile and happy memories. Wishing you joy and happiness all year through.

A special message from mom and dad: We are so thankful that God gave us a boy like you. We love you.

A wonderful person, always has a wonderful life. And, so shall you. Have a fantastic birthday.

All of it – is the only place you have in my heart. Happy birthday son.

As you blow the candle on your cake, just remember that your love is the candle that will eternally burn in our hearts. Happy birthday.

Best wishes for an extra special, truly fabulous, wonderful day.

Best wishes, dear one, for a wonderful day and healthy year.

Every day you find a way to bring a smile to my face. Hope your birthday brings a smile to yours.

Every single day since you was born, you’ve added something so amazing to my world that I can’t even imagine my life without you in it. Happy Birthday my beloved son.

Every single day since you were born, you’ve added something amazing to my life. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Happy birthday, my beloved son.

Happy birthday to you, dear son. The day you were born was the most special and the happiest day of my life.

Happy birthday! You’ll always be my sweet little baby boy.

Having a son like you is reason to be proud and happy – not just on your special day, but always! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being you.

Having a son like you to love is the dearest blessing by far. May your Birthday be blessed with everything God wants to give you.

I am so thankful for another year to spend with you. You will always be our little angel. Happy Birthday my darling boy.

I cannot find the exact words to tell you that we are so proud of what you have become through the years! Happy greetings to you on your birthday, my darling son.

I thank God everyday for the wonderful blessing he has bestowed upon your mother and me. Happy birthday son, I hope it is your best day ever.

If I look at everything in my life, you’re easily the best part of it. Through thick and thin, you’ve been an extraordinary son and a wonderful man. Happy birthday, son.

Loving you, son, is our greatest joy. You make it so easy. Happy birthday.

Many years ago on this very day, you came into our lives and brought us happiness, joy and a lot of love. Happy Birthday to the best son in the whole wide world.

My baby boy is a whole year older! We’re so excited to watch you grow.

My sweet son, blessings to you on your special day and every day.

Need help? We’ll be there. Celebrating? We’ll be there. Just want to talk? Count on us to be there. It’s not because we have lots of time — we have lots for you. Happy birthday, son.

No matter how much we scold you always remember that behind the temporary drops of anger there is an ocean of eternal love just waiting to embrace you. Happy birthday son.

Only a few parents are privileged to be blessed with a gifted son like you. Happy birthday to the best son in the whole wide world.

Regardless of whether you become an old man or a young teenage boy, you will forever remain our little bundle of joy. Happy birthday son.

Son, you are a shining example of everything that’s right in this world. May your future be as bright, starting with your special day. Happy birthday.

Son, you’re our greatest blessing. May your birthday and all your tomorrows be blessed with everything good in life.

Thanks to you dearest son, we can call ourselves proud parents. Have a great day and a great year ahead.

The day you were born was a day to celebrate! We love you so much.

The world cheered when you were born. Happy birthday buddy.

Time is flying so fast, you‘ve become a great young man, but you‘ll always be our sweet child in our hearts. Have a wonderful day, dear.

Today is the perfect day to celebrate you, my amazing little guy.

We always thought that miracles happened to one in a billion. We never imagined that we would be the lucky chosen ones until we had you, our dear son. Happy birthday.

We have cherished all the priceless moments watching you grow up and we will always remember these tender memories for the rest of our lives. Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way.

We’ve always been proud of you. Now more than ever, our hearts are bursting with pride, because you’ve grown into a remarkable person — so full of love, caring and joy. Happy birthday.

When your mother was pregnant we asked God to give us a son who grows up to become hard working, honest and successful. You are living proof that God does answer prayers. You have made us the proudest parents in the world.

With love and best wishes to a perfect son for a wonderful Birthday.

Words are simply not enough to express how amazing I feel to have you as my son. I love you. You make my life complete. Happy birthday, son.

You changed the world as soon as you entered in. Time flies so fast you have become a lot stronger and bigger but you will always be my baby.

You have been much more than a source of pride and joy for us — you’ve been a source of infinite inspiration. Happy birthday, son.

Statistics have shown that first time fathers can be considered one of the most proudest parent of all posting about their children more times on social media than any other parent. Almost 60% of fathers post family photos at least a few times a week with a fifth of them posting videos. Mothers fall right being with equally surprising statistics of 40%.

Fathers on Social Media

17 Wedding Program Thank You Messages

Planning your wedding online has become a trend in recent times. An increasing amount of couples are sending save the dates and invitations via online channels. More than a third of couples use some form of online RSVP service. Almost a quarter of couples create a wedding site with more than half researching for vendors on the internet. A series of wedding program thank you messages for your friends and family are compiled below to help inspire you with the special words and personable messages to show your appreciation.

First we would like to give thanks to God for blessing us with each other. Thank you to our parents who have taught us the true meaning of love and commitment. We are who we are today because of you. You are appreciated more than you will ever know, and we love you very much. Thank you to our family and friends. We are so happy we could share this special day with you, and we are truly blessed to be surrounded with so much love and support.

Thank you for joining us in worshop and celebration on this special day. We appreciate your encourgement and prayers in the past, and hope you will remember us in the future as we begin our lives together.

Thank you for sharing this service with us. You have added to our joy by being with us on our wedding day.

Thank you so much to our family and friends, and especially our parents, for sharing this important day with us and supporting us every step of the way!

Thank you to our family and friends for choosing to celebrate this day with us: Thank you for honoring us with your presence and love!

To our friends and family…Thank you to all for sharing this incredible day with us. We feel blessed to have so many loyal friends in our lives. We would like to extend a special appreciation to all of our guests who traveled from out of town to be here with us today.

To our parents…Thank you for your unconditional love and support throughout our lives. Thank you for raising us to be strong, independent, and loving people. We look forward to sharing the values you’ve taught us with generations to come.

We are honored you can share these sacred and joyous moments with us today. May God bless each one of you.

We are so blessed to celebrate our special day with each of you! Thank you for your love, prayers and support.

We are the ones who are honored to have standing next to us these Christian brothers and sisters. Every one of them has been a necessary force in our lives, shaping us, challenging us, and most of all, caring for us. It is our honor to call them friends.

We thank everyone who has made this day possible, including those of you who have traveled near and far to be here. We would also like to remember our loved ones who have passed on. We know they are looking down on us today.

We want to thank everyone for coming and for those who have helped us on this special day. We especially want to thank our family who have worked so hard to bring this day together.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the many others who have freely given of their ideas, support and labor to make this day possible.

We would like to express our gratitude to our parents for their love and guidance. We also would like to thank our relatives and friends for coming today to share our joy. We ask God’s blessing and your prayers upon our marriage.

We would like to thank our family and friends for making this special day even greater by sharing it with us. This is a day we will always treasures.

Whether you’ve traveled near or far, we thank you for being here today. Please join us for a reception after the ceremony.

With heartfelt gratitude… Thank you all for celebrating with us today as we begin our life together as husband and wife. We feel truly blessed to have our family and friends here with us on this, the most exciting day of our lives. We are especially grateful to our families, whose love, guidance, and generosity have given us constant support throughout our lives.

While summer is the most popular months to get married, December is the most popular month to get engaged. More than 70% of couples are living together prior to marriage with the average length of engagement being 14 months. Many new trends are occurring during the special event such as bypassing the traditional tiered cake for something such else such as cupcakes, candy, or other baked goods. The infographic below captures a current snapshot of the wedding industry.

Wedding Trends and Industry Growth

7 Good Thank You Messages for an Interview

Making a follow up is an important part of the hiring process. A well done and articulated thank you letter can make all the difference in you getting the job or not. Many employers have mixed minds as to whether a thank you letter actually helps, however, this provides you with another opportunity to impress the employees while being thoughtful and genuine. The following thank you messages for an interview provide some great samples of the types of letter you may want to construct.

I truly appreciate the time you shared yesterday to talk about the [blank] role in your department. Your insights about the position was very helpful and I would enjoy the opportunity to continue our dialogue along further and learn more about a career within your company.

I very much enjoyed our conversation yesterday about the [blank] opportunity on your team. After our time together, I am positive that my experience can make a measurable impact on your department’s deliverables. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday to learn more about [blank]. I am very interested in learning more and continuing our conversation. I feel my background is a strong fit for your team. Thanks for the opportunity to meet, and I look forward to hearing from you. Very truly yours.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss with you the position for [position type] at your company. With [years] of experience, I understand that the success depends as much upon its management as it is upon talented individuals. The positive reviews of your company can be attributed to your demand for perfection in every aspect of its operation. Thank you again for speaking with me and please let me know if there’s any other information I can provide to help with the interview process.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me this past [day of the week]. After speaking with you and learning more about the structure of [company], I am even more enthusiastic about the possibility of working at [blank]. I particularly enjoyed hearing about your work in representing several companies in trade related matters. If I can provide you with any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for the interview this week, the time and insight you shared was very much appreciated. After our meeting, I am even more enthusiastic about the [blank] opportunity with your company and am confident that my experience and industry background would allow me to quickly make a contribution to your team. I look forward to future discussion with your company. Thank you again.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the [blank] role with [company name]. I believe my skills [a] and [b], combined with a significant amount of [c] and [d] experience would be an asset to your team. I look forward to future discussions to learn how I can contribute to your organizational goals.

The best way to win over an interview is to know your competition and who you are up against. Be original and know your stuff. Research the background of the company you are going to be interviewed by and learn their products, values, and service offerings. Site up, make eye contact, and be sure to listen to the interviewer. Be sure to always tell the truth and do not trash talk to jump the gun. More ways to win an interview are provided below in the following infographic.

Tips to a Successful Interview

47 Good Night Text Messages to Boyfriends

Sharing your late night thoughts with your beloved before laying to rest is always a great way to end the day. A third of your life is normally spent sleeping. Be sure to send a sweet good night text message to your boyfriend before going to best.

As I try to fall asleep I am counting the each and every star. But everything seems dull because the brightest one in my life – you are. Good night.

As the breeze blows, I hope it takes away your worries. As the skies darken, I hope they hide all your weaknesses and as the stars shine, I hope they throw light on the best opportunities of your life. Good night sweetheart.

Being away from you leaves me in a state of sorrow, but I smile when I think about meeting you tomorrow. Good night.

Didn’t you know that there are strict dreaming rules while dating me? Rule number 1 is that you must always dream about me. Rule number 2 is that rule number 1 is the only rule. Good night.

Every day you give me more reasons to fall in love with you – I’m thinking of ways to make you fall more and more in love with me as I fall asleep, dreaming of you.

Every good night leaves a SOUR taste because I know I will be away from you, but it all becomes SWEET when I start dreaming about you.

For my dear boyfriend, I send cute good night wishes in Tagalog especially for you to make your night beautiful. I wish you have lovely dreams of happiness and love as you lay down to sleep. Have a good night my sweetheart.

For my dear boyfriend, I wish you a beautiful night filled with lovely dreams of happiness and love and wish our relationship grow stronger and deeper like the deep sleep you will have. Have a good night sleep love.

Good morning is easy because I know I’ll get to meet you in the day. Good night is difficult because I know that from you, I’ll be away. Good night.

Good night sweetheart, take rest so that tomorrow you can get back to being your usual best. Xoxo

Good night, to the guy who makes my days bright. Sweet dreams, to the guy whose love makes me burst out at the seams. Hugs and kisses, to the guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses. I love you.

Have a good night my sweet boyfriend. I wish you a lovely night filled with the happiest and love filled dreams as you lay down to sleep.

Here’s to dreaming about all the romantic things we can do when we meet tomorrow. Good night.

I am just starring at the selfie that we took together in the day, so that I can pass the lonely night away. Good night.

I am so jealous of sleep because it controls and conquers you every night. I wish my name was sleep so you could rest while falling into my arms every night. Good night.

I don’t care how dark a night it is, I never feel scared as long as you give me a kiss. Good night.

I don’t mind having even the most brutal nightmares as long as you come to wake me up in the morning. Good night.

I don’t want to say good night, but I want to say Flirty Night. That is because I hope that we can flirt with each other in our dreams all night long. Flirty Night my boy.

I get goosebumps all over, when I think about you, my lover. I get shivers down my spine, as I think that you are only mine. I feel twitchy and slightly edgy, when I think about how I am in love with you like crazy. Good night.

I have told the breeze to blow slowly. I have informed the stars to shine brightly. I have instructed the clouds to rumble softly and I have asked the sky to be as dark as possible so that it turns into the most romantic night ever. Good night, my darling boyfriend.

I hope that my good night message converts all your day’s fears into confidence, obstacles into opportunities and worries into smiles. Sleep tight handsome.

I love saying good night to you every day because no matter whether you are angry, happy, sad, anxious, depressed or frustrated – I know that dreaming about me will make you smile. Good night baby.

I love wishing you good night because it makes my night good. It helps me think about you and dream about you so that I can wake up with a smile on my face. Good night handsome.

I wish a good night to the guy whose thoughts give me sleepless nights.

I wish I could be your soft pillow. Then you would look forward to seeing me every night even if we had a fight. Good night sweetheart.

I wish this text message had arms, legs and a face so it could hug you tightly and give you a good night kiss. Good night.

I wish we didn’t have to sleep apart, so I’ll be seeing you in my dreams my love.

In a perfect world every night would begin with a good night cuddle with you and every day would begin with a good morning kiss from you. Good night handsome.

Let’s get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow life will give us one more day to fulfill our dream of cherishing our love – the sweetest feeling of them all. Good night

Loneliness will crush me, at this rate. Let’s go on, a late night date. Pick me up, take me away for a drive. Hold me close, make me feel alive. All this may be, just wishful thinking. But just the thought of it, gives me wings. Good night.

Muah… virtual kisses may not be as romantic as the real ones, but at least I can tell you that I love you tons. Good night.

My nights are longer than my days since I am not by your side. But it’s all worth it – dreaming about you wakes me up with a smile mile wide. Good night.

No matter how hard you try your dreams can never be sweeter than mine because I dream about the hottest and the sweetest guy ever – YOU. Good night.

Our love is like a Polaroid camera – its vintage, trendy, sexy and cool all combined into something so timeless. Good night.

Sending a simple good night text to you every day is my way of expressing that you are like a wallpaper for my mind – always there in the background by default. Good night.

Sitting here thinking of you, wishing I could get a sweet hug or hear the sweet voice of you.

The biggest advantage of being your girlfriend is the fact that I get to blow good night kisses to the hottest guy ever – YOU. Sweet dreams.

The most handsome guy in town deserves a good night kiss from the most beautiful girl in town. So here’s a good night kissy for you, from me. Muah, good night.

The silence of this night is broken by the beautiful thumping reverie of my heart beating for you and only you. Good night.

The starlit sky looks amazing and the ambiance of the night is mesmerizing. But it is nothing as compared to how beautiful I feel from within, when I am with you. Good night handsome.

The warmth that you will feel tonight won’t be owing to your thick blanket. It will be the warmth of my hugs that I am sending with this message. Good night.

Weekends and nighttime I miss you the most, I love you like I love m it is not a board. For you I write this love toast.

When I say good night to you, I actually mean that the day I spent with you was Gorgeous, Outstanding, Optimistic, Dazzling, Nice, Interesting, Grand, Hot and Tantalizing. I love you, Good Night.

When I say good night to you, I feel hurt and sore – because it makes me miss you all the more. Good night.

When I say GOOD night, I actually want you to be a GOOD boy at night. So don’t think about any girl except me. Good night handsome.

When I wish you good night, don’t wish me back in return because I don’t want to sleep. I will be awake thinking about you all night. Good night sweetheart.

Wishing you good night is pointless because I know that you can’t have a good night without me just like I can’t have a good night without you. But try to have a good night anyway. Muah.

Understanding the sleep cycle will help you identify if you are getting proper deep sleep or not. Approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep you hit REM. As an adult, a quarter of your time spent sleeping is during this time. The below infographic outlines the stages of your sleep cycle and explains the role of lucid dreaming.

Stages of Sleep

10 Invaluable Elliott Bisnow Quotes

Elliott Bisnow is the Founder and Co-Owner of Summit Powder Mountain. With many professional successes in his life, Bisnow has a lot of knowledge to share. Here are some interesting Elliott Bisnow quotes to get you encouraged.

“Adventures only happen to the adventurous.”

“Believe it or not, the first spark for everything I’ve done today came down to me meeting one person in college who changed my life.”

“Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. It drives everything: Job creation, poverty alleviation, innovation.”

“Everyone has an ‘I thought Elliott was crazy’ story.”

“I believe the quickest and most sure way to reduce poverty, raise living standards and create jobs around the world is to make economies and governments more open and free, thereby encouraging business and entrepreneurship.”

“Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure.”

“That’s what my life has come down to – how can I have fun for me, be with my friends and my family, and how can I help other people.”

“The only currency isn’t money. For me, it’s about how can you build a good business that’s also a social business.”

“There is no greater feeling in business than building a product which impacts people’s lives in a profound way.”

“When we look around the thousands of people who have attended Summit gatherings, it makes us smile to see the new friendships, business partnerships, and philanthropic initiatives that each event produces.”

Here is an interview with Elliott Bisnow as he discusses creating surreal experiences.

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