25 Ways to Learn Faster and Master Anything


Not everyone has the same intelligence quotient. Not everyone can be a faster learner. But that doesn’t mean one cannot speed up the natural pace at which one learns. Some people learn quickly but that doesn’t necessarily make them better because they may forget. The real impact lies in learning with impeccable understanding and retaining the knowledge. Bearing those two cornerstones in mind, here are some simple approaches to help you learn faster.

1) Always learn one thing at a time.
No one learns two distinctly different subjects at the same time but even within a discipline you should not try to read or learn two different contexts. Do not switch from one chapter to another unless they are correlated. When you try to learn two completely disassociated contexts and try to process that information, it will be ineffective. It is possible you would fail to retain knowledge of either or both.

2) Look at using transitions.
When you move from one subject to another, make sure there is a transition. Without a transition, you would have the same problem of failing to grasp everything you read, fully understand it and retain the knowledge. All these make the learning process complicated and hence you will be slowed down.

3) Always have an agenda when you begin to learn anything.
You cannot have endless or aimless learning encounters. Unless you are on an expedition or an adventure, you need it to be structured. Whether it is theory or practice, you must have guidelines that will help you to reach an anticipated outcome. Unless you know the outcome and don’t have a path to follow, you will make mistakes. You will be lead astray through the learning experience. You will also fail to figure out the information that is more important. These will slow down your learning experience.

4) Use methods of self correction.
The best way to learn faster is to combine theory with practice, tests and self correction. Learn the theory, practice what it speaks of, test your knowledge in theory and in practice, follow it up with self correction measures which will have the most indelible impact and then move onto another discipline or subject.

5) You need to be patient.
Despite the desire to learn faster, you must provide enough time that a particular theory or practice demands. Not every subject can be mastered quickly and your personal penchant for a given subject will also influence this.

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