11 Best SEO Strategy Techniques for 2013 and 2014

11 Best SEO Strategy Techniques for 2013 and 2014

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The Shifting World of SEO

The new year brings new strategies and components to the world of search engine optimization, which is usually just called SEO. SEO when it initially began was simply about putting in enough keywords for the crawlers to recognize your site and if you had more of them than the other guy, you’d end up being ranked higher. Today’s SEO is all about value to your consumer and a positive user experience that incorporates social concepts with keywords that simply point to what your page is about. If you’re still using old school SEO techniques, it’s time to start changing!

It’s All About Fresh Content

On average, more than 1/3 of your ranking that you get from the search engines comes from fresh, new, and relevant content that has value for your consumers. Some internet marketers try to take a shortcut to this concept by writing just one article that is then spun thousands of times, but today’s crawlers are super smart. They can recognize this. Google has even said that their ultimate goal is have their search engine be like the Star Trek computer! 60% of your time may be devoted to creating and sharing relevant content, but it’ll be worth it. Strategically written content with targeted keywords that contains value not only will boost your SEO, but it’ll convert sales at a higher than average rate too.

How Good Is Your Blog?

More than half of all businesses today have obtained customers thanks to their blog. Not only can a blog be an effective sales mechanism, but it can also help to boost your SEO thanks to your ability to leverage an author’s reputation. Linking your authored blog to other authored articles or sites can help make the web more transparent. That transparency is then documented by the search engine crawlers and your website gets the boost it needs. More than 90% of all clicks from a keyword search happen in the Top 3 results – if you’re not blogging, you’re not getting that ranking on your targeted keywords.

What Should Be Avoided?

What search engines are looking for is a well written, factual piece of information that has value to the keywords that you’ve targeted. Stuffing a bazillion amount of keywords into a piece of content isn’t going to do you any good. Neither is having a piece that is filled with typos, grammatical errors, or putting out information as fact when it really is false. Be clear, be concise, and provide value to people who are reading what you’ve got. Include anchors, like naked URLs or branding and your targeted keywords, and you’ll have a recipe for success.

The 2013 SEO is about as uncomplicated as it gets. Get some good content written, keep posting information as soon as you can, and make sure what you’ve written is reflective of your targeted keywords. When you can accomplish that, you’ll have a fully maximized SEO site that will convert people into customers more often.


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5 thoughts on “11 Best SEO Strategy Techniques for 2013 and 2014

  1. umre

    I am increasingly seeing SEO consultants getting involved in these ethical, quality link building practices. Google seems to be finally acting on their best practice guides. I always write my content first and then I go into the keyword tool to see if I’m using the right phrase, then I write the headline, then I do the rest. It’s a little backwards, but it always ensures I’m writing for humans and not the robots.

  2. Jitendra Vaswani

    Nice post & my opinion is “Be smart, have patience, and outsource (wisely) your content marketing. It’s time we revamp our game, and be friends with Google, or they can easily spray out our web sites from the SERPs.”

    I think we should do all the works for ranking improve in Google. Like :
    1) Target a wider Range of Keywords.
    2) User Exprience is #1Priority.
    3). Write Compelling Content for our Audience.
    4). Keyword Density Not Overly Important.
    5). Content is Diverse etc.

  3. Joe

    The days of building back links from all over the place is long gone. Google is all about providing relevant engaging content for their audience. Google’s business relies on this. Anyway great information.

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