10 Big SEO Mistakes that Ruin Search Rankings


SEO has been evolving rapidly in the last ten years. Recently, Google announced that its Panda updates have been integrated into the core algorithm. There will be no further Panda updates. All changes will be naturally into the core algorithm. Hence, the changes that Panda brought about will be forever. Websites are now being unblocked or unbanned that had bore the brunt of Panda and have since switched from their shady or black hat practices or strategies approved by Google.

1) Be Familiar with the Panda Update.
If you did not know about the Panda update and that it is now a part of the core algorithm, then you have made one of the most common mistakes in SEO. You are not in sync with the changes that are happening in the world of search engines. You can never take SEO for granted. That is the first lesson or SEO 101 that you should learn. SEO will change all the time and it would keep getting perfected or improved to say the least. SEO will not only change because Google and Bing want to change it but also because people around the world would keep improvising how they use search engine optimization. Every time a practice becomes widespread or common and Google or Bing doesn’t like it, there will be changes. As artificial intelligence helps improve the algorithms, the search engine optimization rules will change further. The only thing that you can be assured of is change. Don’t commit the common SEO mistake of being stagnant.

2) It’s All About the Keywords.
The second most common SEO mistake is that it is all about the keywords. While you should find the most important keywords, don’t go all hammer and tongs with every associated keyword. One webpage or one blog post cannot possibly cater to a hundred keywords. It cannot even cater to ten keywords. Focus on one and at the most two or three associated keywords and you will fare much better with indexing. Do not try to squeeze too much into one piece of content. You are not going to reap generous returns on your investment with such a strategy.

3) Don’t Be Overly Focused on Links.
The third most common SEO mistake is the erroneous focus on links. Yes, links matter but what matters is content on those links or what is being presented to the audience. Having too many links will serve no purpose if there is no worthwhile information. Poor content, plagiarized descriptions or exactly similar strategies as others have used will make the whole SEO campaign futile, even if you have a thousand links rerouting people to one webpage.

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